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Cloud Business Enabler Suite

Cloud Business Enabler Suite is a private cloud solution that helps you monetize and bill for your IT services and become a cloud provider. It helps you quickly launch a cloud computing business in and outside your organization, turning your IT department from a cost center to a profit center.


Many organizations are focusing on launching a cloud computing business and turning the IT department from a cost center to a profit center by trying to monetize IT capacities on the cloud and offer profitable cloud services in and out of their organizations. The first challenge that many organizations are facing is the difficulties of building and running private clouds, such as end-user experience, operation automation and efficiency, data privacy, and information compliance. In addition, many organizations have been deploying on multiple on-premises and public cloud environments to benefit from both private cloud and public cloud. Therefore, there is a need for a central tool of multiple cloud management. Lastly, the automatized billing and charging capabilities is another prerequisite of monetizing IT resource.

Alibaba Cloud provides the Cloud Business Enabler Suite solution to help your IT department become profitable. This is a one-stop solution that enables you to quickly build and run your own cloud business. You don't need to waste time on a feasibility study or pay expensive consulting fees. This solution only requires minimal follow-up enhancements, allowing you to focus on developing sales leads and end-user customer base, fine-tuning the go-to-market strategy, and executing the operation. With this solution, you can manage multiple clouds with web-based and online customer self-services and enterprise-level billing services. You can not only monetize your legacy IT investments and run your cloud stack as one, but you can also leverage the benefits from the public cloud that gives you supreme elasticity with over 50 full-stack product portfolios and over 10,000 servers in a single region. This is a proven solution with reference in Tier-1 MTO (Multi-National Telco Operator) globally.

Run IT as a profit center for multinational corporations (MNCs)

This solution allows multinational corporations (MNCs) to monetize legacy investment, whether this legacy infrastructure is based on the cloud or out-right bare metal, and provide efficient service fulfillment to internal or external customers.

Build complete cloud stack for telco operators

Digital transformation is the top priority for telco operators. This solution, together with cloud Business Support Systems (BSS), provides you with cloud stack and operation tools to fulfill telco and cloud bundles and get your cloud business operation going.

Guarantee data privacy for governments or public organizations

This solution is deployed on-premises and is managed 100% by your staff, supporting governments and public organizations to meet regulations on data privacy and information compliance.

Solution Highlights

  • Multiple Cloud Management

    This solution, empowered by cloud Business Support Systems (BSS), provides heterogeneous cloud platform management, from application deployment, monitoring to analysis and optimization, with a unified point-of-contact, and a unified graphical user interface (GUI.)

  • Enterprise-Level Billing Capabilities

    This solution, empowered by Business Support Systems (BSS), offers telco-grade billing capability, including an agile charging model, bundle and price management, and multiple tools to create campaigns, to meet your cloud business operation requirements.

  • Supreme Elasticity with Full-Stack Capabilities

    Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud gives you supreme elasticity with over 50 full-stack product portfolios and over 10,000 servers in a single region. You can easily scale up/down and out/in as needed.

  • Security and Compliance

    Alibaba Cloud holds the most security and compliance certifications in Asia. It's the first private cloud that passed the Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0 (MLPS 2.0) Level IV.

How It Works

This Cloud Business Enabler Suite solution consists of Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack and Cloud Business Support Systems (BSS.)

Apsara Stack uses the proprietary Apsara Distributed Operating System developed in house at Alibaba Cloud, which offers a highly reliable cloud environment to ensure business continuity, long-term continuous development, and evolution. This solution supports hyper-scale clusters that have more than 10,000 servers in each region, setting you free from any capacity concerns. Apsara Stack covers a wide range of cloud services, including several computing and networking services, as well as data analysis and security solutions. It is the best fit for your complicated computing needs and ensures your sensitive data, to generate business value without leaving your data center.

Cloud Business Support Systems (BSS) is a multiple cloud management platform with cloud business operation, charging, and billing enhancements on the top. Leveraging on the working experience with telecom BSS, even the most complicated enterprise billing is addressed. Being a cloud native solution, the efficient digital journey and customer interaction is also part of this solution design.

This solution started from telecom, gradually towards vertical industries’ ability to provide cloud-native vertical solutions in e-commerce, transportation, FinTech, and customer service automation. We have set up a global marketing, sales, and delivery network with dozens of Apsara Stack delivery references.

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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