Alibaba Cloud Ranks as a Strong Performer in Infrastructure-As-A-Service Platform Native Security

On April 26, 2023, Forrester, a global authoritative research institution, released The Forrester Wave™: Infrastructure-As-A-Service Platform Native Security, Q2 2023. Alibaba Cloud was positioned as a Strong Performer in this report.


Safeguard your online applications from attacks, detect and mitigate potential threats.

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protects your websites and web servers based on the intelligent computing capabilities of Alibaba Cloud Security

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Security Center

A unified security management system that identifies, analyzes, and notifies you of security threats in real time

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Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall is one of the first SaaS firewall deployed on the public cloud. It is your first choice for network security that safeguards your businesses in the cloud.

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Forrester is one of the most authoritative IT evaluation agencies in the world. This evaluation conducted in-depth research, analysis and scoring on 22 evaluation criteria for the 8 selected cloud service vendors from the three dimensions of current offering, strategy, and market presence, assessing that the Alibaba Cloud platform received the highest scores possible in the criteria of data centers, container security, and partner ecosystem.

The security of the cloud platform is the cornerstone to ensure that customers can safely access and use the cloud. Different from the fragmentation of traditional security, cloud security is a bottom-up engineering system construction that relies on fine design and ingenious logic embedding. From the infrastructure at the physical layer, to the hypervisor and operating system at the virtualization layer, to the identity, network, and compliance on the platform side, and to the data, load, and configuration security at the upper layer, all of them need to provide a safe operating environment for enterprises.

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