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What is ApsaraVideo for VOD

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2019


  • ApsaraVideo for VOD is an all-in-one on-demand audio and video streaming solution. It automatically transcodes the collected, edited, and uploaded audio and video files based on the transcoding settings. It also allows you to edit mezzanine files online, manage media resources, and deliver media content to customers for playback with low latency. Backed by Alibaba Cloud’s powerful infrastructure services, ApsaraVideo for VOD provides end-to-end video services to help enterprises and developers quickly build secure, elastic, and highly customizable video-on-demand (VOD) platforms and applications.

  • ApsaraVideo for VOD provides a web-based console. It also provides the API and SDKs such as the upload SDK and player SDK. In this way, you can use and manage ApsaraVideo for VOD for content moderation and online editing. You can also integrate ApsaraVideo for VOD with your applications and services.

  • As China’s leading short video service provider, Alibaba Cloud provides the short video SDK to support video recording, upload, cropping, and compression, and video effect editing. The short video SDK also provides many popular short video features, such as beautification, facial recognition+AR sticker, speed-adjusted recording, real-time audio mixing, multi-video merging, real-time filter, animated sticker, music, MV, subtitle, and doodle. You can use it to customize the interaction and UI that perfectly match your business. In this way, you can quickly provision differentiated short video services.

  • You are charged only for the services that you use. The service capacity can be automatically scaled. ApsaraVideo for VOD almost requires no maintenance. You can focus on implementing the business logic and enhancing end user experience without having to worry about complex architecture design and programming.


  • Audio and video websites

    ApsaraVideo for VOD can be applied to both new video service enterprises and enterprises that have a large number of video resources. This service is customizable and can help these enterprises quickly build secure and reliable VOD applications for high-quality video playback.

  • Short videos

    ApsaraVideo for VOD provides a complete short video solution that integrates audio and video recording, effect editing, local transcoding, high-speed uploading, automatic online transcoding, media resource management, CDN-based content delivery acceleration, and video playback. This service has helped more than 1,000 mobile applications enable the short video features.

  • Online education

    ApsaraVideo for VOD is easy to use, secure, and reliable. You can upload instructional videos in the console or by using the API. ApsaraVideo for VOD provides strong transcoding capabilities to facilitate quick publish of instructional videos, and uses CDN nodes worldwide to ensure that students in various regions enjoy smooth watching experience. ApsaraVideo for VOD also provides copyright protection solutions such as hotlinking protection or video encryption to protect instructional videos from being stolen.

  • Live-to-VOD

    ApsaraVideo for VOD allows you to synchronously record live streams to videos for on-demand playback. It also supports operations such as media asset management, media processing (transcoding and AI processing such as content moderation and intelligent thumbnail), content production (online editing), and CDN-based content delivery acceleration.

  • Video production

    ApsaraVideo for VOD provides an online visual editing platform and various APIs, helping you efficiently process and produce videos. Besides basic features such as cropping and merging, audio mixing, masking, effect editing, and production, ApsaraVideo for VOD supports standard and intelligent production based on online editing and all-in-one VOD services. This greatly reduces requirements and time for video production and improves video production efficiency.

  • Content moderation

    ApsaraVideo for VOD supports automated review and manual review that help you accurately identify illegal content of audio, text, and images in videos, thumbnails, titles, and comments. This feature is applicable to various scenarios such as short video platforms and the media industry.