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Helping You Provide Better IT Services for Your Customers Alibaba Cloud enables IT providers, ISVs, and SIs to achieve more business success through our all-encompassing range of cloud solutions. We help local businesses drive digital transformation and thrive in their markets through technical and sales enablement, regardless of the industry.
Cost Efficient
Cost Efficient

Improve operational efficiency and reduce IT costs with our flexible pricing option, or by joining our dedicated Galaxy ISV support program.

Rapid Innovation
Rapid Innovation

We help organizations reduce manual workloads through automation, as well as benefit from our fast and continuous product innovation.

Record-breaking Performance
Record-breaking Performance

Alibaba Cloud's technology is battle-tested every year during the Double 11 global shopping festival, supporting over 491,000 orders/second.

Faster Go-to-Market
Faster Go-to-Market

Expand business reach in Asia through our co-marketing initiative, or join our Marketplace with customized go-to-market plans.

How Can We Help with Your Business?

Cloud Native Application & Devops Solution

Alibaba Cloud-Native Applications Management Solution, powered by Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR), helps businesses accelerate and secure the development, deployment, and management of applications cost-effectively. You can leverage its services to achieve faster time to market, improved cost performance, new innovative technology, and end-to-end security. Alibaba Cloud also provides high-performance and scalable container app management capabilities, as well as simplified cluster construction, scaling, and management. Our open-source automated O&M tools help businesses manage complex cloud infrastructure, create images quickly, and deploy solutions on a multi-cloud architecture.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Easy to use: provides managed cluster, dedicated cluster, serverless cluste for difference desire.
  • Hybrid/Multi cloud management: manage external Kubernetes clusters outside Alibaba Cloud.
  • DevOps and Security automation: ACR (private container registry) automatically synchronize images cross region in world wide, includes image-scanning with delivery chain.

  • Extreme Elasticity: Application can be auto-scaled in seconds, Supports HPA, CronHPA, VPA with multiple dimension external metrics rather than only scale by CPU and memory metrics; It also supports much more instance types, including ECS, EBS (ECS Bare Metal), GPU instance, Spot instance, ECI (Elastic Container Instance).
  • End to End Observability: Provides more than 10 dashboards by default and application monitoring allows you observe your clusters and applications.

Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

A fully-managed service compatible with Kubernetes to help users focus on their applications rather than managing container infrastructure

Container Registry

A secure image hosting platform providing containerized image lifecycle management

Log Service

An all-in-one service for log-type data

Application Real-Time Monitoring Service

Build business monitoring capabilities with real-time response based on frontend monitoring, application monitoring, and custom business monitoring capabilities

Enterprise IT Governance & Security

Alibaba Cloud‘s Enterprise IT Governance solution helps you govern your cloud IT resources based on a unified framework that covers five key areas: users, permissions, resources, finance, and compliance. This gives you full control over your cloud resources and services and access permissions, and helps you meet compliance requirements. Alibaba Cloud is committed to safeguarding your most valuable assets throughout the data security lifecycle. To help you easily build a robust data security framework we offer a broad spectrum of security products to fit into your security scenarios, such as data classification, data masking, data loss prevention, encryption, key management, access control, and data erasure. With these offerings, you can effectively ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Benefits and Highlights

  • A Unified Framework: This solution provides flexible and fine-grained permissions and policies, resource management services, and over 100 predefined compliance rules available out-of-the-box.
  • Up to Date with Compliance Requirements: Alibaba Cloud is up to date with the requirements of many regions and countries and has a professional team dedicated to defining standards for building compliant systems on the cloud.
  • An easy way to boost your resource management efficiency by enabling you to set up a clear single or multi account organizational structure based on your business needs as well as track spending by each account or project.

  • Cybersecurity: The Cyber Security Solution includes three basic security products that any business with a digital presence in China should have: Anti-DDoS Pro redirects attack traffic and protects servers against volumetric DDoS attacks; Web Application Firewall (WAF) detects and blocks malicious traffic, and protects website servers against intrusions; Threat Detection Service (TDS) non-disruptively monitors the security configurations of cloud services, and gives overall insight of cloud environment security.

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQLFree Trial

An on-demand database hosting service for MySQL with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Security Center

A unified security management system that identifies, analyzes, and notifies you of security threats in real time.

Key Management Service

Easily protect, manage, use, and audit your cryptographic keys on Alibaba Cloud

Migrate with Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud offers comprehensive services and resources to ensure a smooth migration to the cloud easily and secure. We provide virtual machine, database and storage migration from multi sources, easy to use.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Migrate from anywhere: SMC allows you to migrate data from user-created data centers, on-premises virtual machines, and third-party cloud platforms to Alibaba Cloud. On-premises virtual machines include VMware, Virtual Box, Xen, and KVM. Third-party cloud platforms include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP.
  • All-in-one data management: Except data migration, DMS is an all-in-one data management service that supports data management, structure management, access security, BI charts, data trends, data trace, performance trends and optimization, and server management.

  • Multiple devices at the same time: Data Transport provides professional data migration devices, standard racks, and power supplies. It also allows you to deploy multiple devices at the same time to improve migration efficiency.

SMC (Server Migration Center) for ECS

Server Migration Center (SMC) is a migration platform developed by Alibaba Cloud. SMC can help you migrate one or more source servers to Alibaba Cloud.

DMS (Data Management Service) FOR DB

Data Management Service (DMS) allows you to manage Linux servers, NoSQL databases, and relational databases, such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis. It is an all-in-one data management service that supports data management, structure management, access security, BI charts, data trends, data trace, performance trends and optimization, and server management.

Data Transport

A secure solution to migrate TB-level or PB-level data to Alibaba Cloud.

Cross-border Network Solution

Alibaba Cloud networking services provide you a highly stable, low latency, and high-speed network with flexible hybrid cloud connections. Our networking services deliver secure and reliable communication to and from IDCs in 22 regions globally. With more than 67 areas deployed globally, Alibaba Cloud’s large node network gives you access to close by nodes shortening geographic distances.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Cross-Region Global Network Connection: Alibaba Cloud provides fast and cost-effective networking services for multinational enterprises to build cross-region network connections. We ensure that your cross-region interconnections are legal and compliant.
  • Comprehensive Hybrid Network Solution: For any industry, Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud network solution enables you to connect your on-premise data from IDC, headquarters, branches, or offline stores to Alibaba Cloud. The hybrid network connections ensure that your cross-region interconnections are secure, reliable, and flexible.

  • Quickly and Easily Set-up and Manage Your Networks: Alibaba Cloud provides you with an easy-to-use interface to manage your networking services, such as Cloud Enterprise Network. You can set up a multi-region networking environment in 4 steps within 5 minutes.

Cloud Enterprise Network

A global network for rapidly building a distributed business system and hybrid cloud to help users create a network with enterprise level-scalability and the communication capabilities of a cloud network.

Global Accelerator

Provides network acceleration service for your Internet-facing application globally with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability.

Smart Access Gateway

SmartAG provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution for connecting hardware and software to Alibaba Cloud.

Join Our IT Service Provider Support Program
Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program is designed for small and medium sized IT service providers globally. By providing top-of-the-line cloud products, technical enablement, and go-to-market resources, we help IT service providers thrive in their local market.
40,000 vCPU Investments
Alibaba Cloud offers 40,000 vCPU resources to help the IT service providers to lower their operating costs and ultimately attract more users. Each company that joins AGP will get tailored cloud resources and discounts according to their business size and goals.
Infinite Possibility Built Upon ApsaraDB
Rich database engines are available on Alibaba Cloud for your different requirements. Easy auto scaling and cost reduction can be applied through extreme elasticity ability offered by cloud-native technology with the assurance of computing performance and stability.
Technical Enablement
Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive technical plans that includes 14 digital training sessions and 10 online labs for AGP members. We also offer exclusive discounts on Alibaba Cloud professional cloud certificates for AGP members.
Go-to-Market Support
Leverage co-branding opportunities including webinars, offline meetups, cloud conferences, success stories, as well as marketing campaigns. IT service providers can also be featured on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace after becoming approved partners.
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Anti-DDoS Premium

Protect against global DDoS attacks

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A messaging service for businesses

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A simple and efficient email service

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Image Search

High-precision visual search solution

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Intelligent Robot

Chatbot platform for smart dialogue interactions

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ApsaraVideo Live

A professional solution for live video and audio

  • Pay-As-You-Go

Machine Learning Platform For AI

An end-to-end platform for all your machine learning needs

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Powerful and insightful big data visualization

  • from $360/year

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