About Alibaba Cloud's Multimedia Solutions
The evolution and constant development of the Internet has led to a boom in the multimedia industry, especially for services such as video surveillance, video-on-demand (VOD), and live video broadcasts. Traditional solutions are not able to keep pace with such rapid demand, creating an urgent need for highly efficient and low-cost solutions. Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions offer a suite of powerful cloud-based services to create, implement, and deliver digital media content. Enterprises can now build cheaper platforms using massive storage, elastically scalable computing, and extensive network capabilities, all offered by cloud computing.
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Why Alibaba Cloud?

  • Secure
    Maximize data security by configuring authentication settings for the content stored in Object Storage Service.
  • Cost-effective
    Save costs on your platforms with Alibaba Cloud's extensive cloud computing and network capabilities.
  • High Speed
    High Speed
    Enjoy quick and uninterrupted video streaming with Object Storage Services' Append Object feature.
  • Low Latency
    Low Latency
    Upload, process, play, and push video streams simultaneously within minutes on our global Content Delivery Network.

Multimedia Solutions

Video on Demand
Video on Demand
A tailored VOD solution that supports millions of concurrent viewers while ensuring an enriching user experience.
Key Products & Services
Live Video Broadcast
Live Video Broadcast
Low latency and high concurrency broadcasting for efficient development of live video broadcasting platforms.
Key Products & Services
New Media
New Media
A unique solution to deliver compelling content across the globe.
Key Products & Services
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance
A cloud-based video surveillance management system for simplified construction and maintenance.
Key Products & Services

Interested in doing business in China?

  • China Connect
    We knows what it takes to be successful and secure in China. ChinaConnect is an easy one-stop solution for your company to access our advanced cloud infrastructure and do business in China.
  • ICP Registration Support
    Learn how to obtain an ICP Filing or ICP Commercial License to host your website in Mainland China

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • GDPR
  • MPAA

Featured Products

Elastic Compute Service
Stay flexible and reactive to the real time needs of your business with reliable, scalable and on-demand compute capacity on the cloud.
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Alibaba Cloud CDN
A scalable and high-performance content delivery service for accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe.
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Server Load Balancer
Manage sudden spikes in traffic, minimize response times and ensure 99.99% availability of your website or web application.
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