Alibaba Cloud Security Services

Simple, secure, and intelligent services.

Security and compliance are always our top concerns. Alibaba Cloud security service is committed to providing simple, secure and intelligent security services. You can access the services at any time anywhere with our easy-to-use and simple deployments. Alibaba Cloud security services are deployed based on the security technology we have developed for years to make sure the cloud environment is more secure. To accommodate your business and data processing requirements, we develop and apply the cutting-edge AI technology for the security identification and risks analysis.
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Why Alibaba Cloud Security Services

Alibaba Cloud protects Alibaba Group's own business, such as Double 11 Global Shopping Festival for 10 years. The accumulated extensive experiences from various and massive security attacks ensure that your business threats and attacks are minimized on the cloud.

5 Billion

Attacks defended against everyday

200 Million

Password cracks everyday

7.34 Million

Numbers of fixed bugs every year



Professional Security Services

In addition to the best practices we have gained from our hundreds of thousands of customers, Alibaba Cloud also provides you with value-added professional security services from our security operation team. The security operation team assesses your business security, analyzes your business needs, and works closely with you to customize the security rules that seamlessly suit your business.

Cloud Native Security

Alibaba Cloud native security services are integrated with Alibaba Cloud server, storage, database and network services. You can set up your security services easily without extra configuration. The cloud-native security capability is developed under the adaptive security architecture, which enables continuous security monitoring and analytics for your data. We provide real-time threat reports and quick security risk recovery to secure your data.

Security Throughout Product Lifecycle

Alibaba Cloud infrastructure and security are inherently integrated. The process of product delivery ensures that Alibaba Cloud products have security attributes by default.

Visualize Your Business Security in Real Time

Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall visualizes your real-time business security status. It monitors and alerts the real-time attack and defense situation of your website, and provides you with visual and transparent data analysis and decision-making capabilities, so as to make security attack and defense clear at a glance.

Alibaba Cloud Security Services

Type Product Scenario

Infrastructure Security

Anti-DDoS Basic Anti-DDoS Basic Basic DDoS protection integrated with ECS
Anti-DDoS Anti-DDoS BGP-based DDoS mitigation, low latency, X Tbit/s bandwidth, and anycast
Security Center Security Center Assets/Baseline/Compliance/Ransomware/Mining/Tamper-proofing/AccessKey pair leak-proofing/Attack source tracing/Cloud security configuration monitoring/Cloud asset risk monitoring
Web Application Firewall Web Application Firewall Top 1 in Asia-Pacific; The only Chinese product included in Gartner Magic Quadrant for web application firewalls
Bastionhost Bastionhost


Risky operation interception and operation playback
Multiple O&M protocols and automatic synchronization between cloud resources
Cloud Firewall Cloud Firewall Access control and IPS at the cloud perimeter, visualized east-west and north-south traffic, and interception of outbound traffic
SSL Certificates Service SSL Certificates Service Flexible HTTPS for websites and applications
Centralized management of certificates on and out of the cloud

Identity Security

ActionTrail ActionTrail Records of all operations
Real-time and visual reports
Resource Access Management Resource Access Management Multiple authorization methods and global validation upon one-time configuration

Business Security

GameShield GameShield A highly customizable network security solution
Content Moderation Content Moderation Detection for pornography, violence, and terrorism in images, text, audios, and videos; Daily update of compliance intelligence
Anti-Bot Service Anti-Bot Service Prevention against crawlers, illegal exploitation, and bargain manipulation; Cumulation of massive intelligence from Alibaba

Data Security

Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection


Sensitive data identification and data risk monitoring; Static and dynamic data desensitization to ensure asset security

CloudHSM CloudHSM Coming soon

Cloud-based encryption and low costs
Full qualifications, compliant with commercial cryptographic standards
Key Management Service Key Management Service Cloud-based key hosting; Cloud service integration and encryption with ease
Cloud Config Cloud Config Audit of all behavior and interception of risky operations
Maintenance-free, no downtime, and quick deployment

Service Security

Managed Security Service Managed Security Service Expert hosting support
Routine security configuration, monitoring, and O&M

How It Works

  • Website Protection
  • Anti-Bot Service
  • Content Moderation
  • Threat Detection Service
  • Gaming
Website Protection

Our Solutions

  • Based on the experiences on e-commerce business protection for many years, Alibaba Cloud takes care of your business and prevents server malfunctions caused by malicious activities and attacks.
    After identifying and protecting malicious features of the business traffic on website or applications, only the secure traffic are returned to the server. The website HTTPS is encrypted to prevent hijacking and tampering. It avoids the malicious intrusion of the website server and safeguards your business data.


  • - Hackers blackmail, database leaks
  • - Service unavailability due to competitor CC attacks
  • - Web pages are tampered with or embedded in dark chains
Anti-Bot Service

Our Solution

  • Bots are malicious programs that allow cybercriminals to remotely control computers and execute illegal actions such as stealing data, spreading spam and distributing malware. Alibaba Cloud's solutions detect and block bots through our global network of scrubbing centers.
    Our solution is versatile: we can also block purpose-built bots which are engaged in activities like airline ticket price manipulation or price scraping on E-Commerce sites.


  • - Hackers steal website databases after hacking into the system
  • - Real-time Engine, Professional service, Threat Intelligence, Deep Learning models.

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Content Moderation

Our Solution

  • Content Moderation leverages Deep Learning technology and benefits from Alibaba Group's years of Big Data analysis to provide accurate monitoring of pictures, video, text and other multimedia content. Due to the rapid growth of business, the manual content audit is slow and the cost is high. Also, the risk of violation is very high. Content Moderation service can automatically and intelligently identify illegal content through in-depth learning algorithm, which can greatly reduce your labor costs and improve audit efficiency.


  • Fast, Accurate, and Reliable
    Constant automated moderation responses in less than 0.1 second with an accuracy rate +95%.
  • Comprehensive Service
    Readily recognizes adverse images, videos, text, and audio dealing with illicit behaviors such as violence, terrorism, drugs, weapons, extremism and profanity.
  • Customizable
    Continually improves recognition based on new data to expand its capabilities.

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Threat Detection Service

Our Solution

  • The threat detection service provides cloud virus scan and removal, unusual logon alerts, zombie detection, data leak detection, Linux software vulnerability detection, weak password detection, and host compliance issue detection. TDS inspects the security configurations of cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Server Load Balancer (SLB). This allows you to find more information about the system security status and handle security events on your assets in the cloud.

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Our Solution

  • The popularity of online gaming is at an all-time high, and with greater popularity security threats are becoming more of a challenge. Alibaba Cloud’s gaming security solution protects against isolated incidents and security failures to ensure the user experience is not affected, and high-availability is maintained.

Alibaba Cloud Adheres to International Security and Compliance Standards

Alibaba Cloud adheres to domestic and international information security standards, as well as industry requirements. This includes undergoing regular third-party evaluations and reviews from numerous certification authority agencies.
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  • GDPR
  • MPAA

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