Alibaba Cloud supports DevOps by solving the efficiency and security problems your continuous cloud-native application deployments face, with agile application deployment, full-link system monitoring, and enhanced security measures, in multi-cloud environments.

Image Replication

You can perform high-speed image replication across clusters, regions, and cloud environments based on the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) for fast and flexible application deployment.

Image Signature

You can leverage the Key Management Service (KMS) to add signatures to your Kubernetes images and configure security policies in the Container Registry to guarantee secure image deployment to namespaces.

Auto Trigger Deployment

You can configure the automatic application update in the Alibaba Cloud console by creating triggers. Image updates will trigger automatic deployment of new versions of application images based on your configuration.

Multi-Cluster Deployment

You can leverage the hosted ArgoCD with one click to deploy applications to multiple clusters, and deploy applications using YAML or HELM, view the deployment topography, and monitor the application status with Application Center.

Delivery Chain

You can streamline and safeguard the application delivery chain with high-speed cross-region image replication, signature-based image authentication based on the Key Management Service, and automatic image security scan based on the Security Center, to help optimize and accelerate your application development and deployment.

Service Mesh

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh is compatible with Istio and supports edge clusters and registered clusters. Apart from the traffic shifting function of sidecar, it also supports traffic management of multiple cross-region clusters and cross-region failover. You can use Service Mesh to route and split inter-service traffic, secure inter-service communication with authentication, and observe the behavior of services in meshes.

Tracing with OpenTelemetry Support

Log Service supports automatic log collection with OpenTelemetry as the standard without coding. You can view the topography of microservice call links generated from logs of links, link the trace data with logs of the same product, and customize dashboards based on traces to quickly identify root causes and analyze performance bottlenecks for your distributed applications.

Microservices Engine

Microservices Engine (MSE) is a one-stop microservices platform that provides a fully managed registration and configuration center, and API gateway and microservices governance capabilities, so you can build your own microservices system with ease.

Solution Highlights

  • A Leader in Public Cloud Container Platforms

    Accelerate container-based application development and O&M for the global market based on Alibaba Cloud’s full-stack cloud-native capabilities, with proven experience recognized by The Forrester Wave™

  • High-Efficiency Continuous Deployment

    Accelerate DevOps with high-speed image replications across borders (including Mainland China) and password-free image pull in multi-cloud environments

  • Enhanced Image Security

    Safeguard container images with image signatures and customizable image status scan

  • Online Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

    Minimize the impact of application errors with swift troubleshooting in production environments with no need to integrate third-party APM tools

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Featured Products

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

A Kubernetes-based service that ensures high efficiency by running containerized applications on the cloud

  • Security and Management
  • Ease of Use
  • High Efficiency and Reliability

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh

A fully managed platform that manages the traffic of microservice applications in a unified manner

  • Unified Traffic Management
  • End-to-End Observability
  • Refined Traffic Routing

Container Registry

A secure image hosting platform providing containerized image lifecycle management

  • Multi-Region Image Repository
  • Image Security Status Scan
  • Stable Service Build Creation

Application Real-Time Monitoring Service

An end-to-end Alibaba Cloud monitoring service for Application Performance Management (APM)

  • Application Performance and Anomaly Monitoring
  • Frontend Monitoring for User Experience
  • Centralized Alarm and Report Platform

Security Center

A unified security management system that identifies, analyzes, and notifies you of security threats in real time

  • Powerful Technical Architecture
  • 10 Years of Best Practices for Security
  • Simplified Asset Operation Management

Key Management Service

Secure and compliant key management and cryptography services that help you encrypt and protect sensitive data assets

  • Key Management and Cryptography Services
  • Data Encryption for Integrated Cloud Services
  • Custom Encryption and Digital Signatures

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

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