Cloud Computing Services

Reshape the Future of Computing on the Cloud

The Ultra-Performance Cloud Computing Era

Unparalleled Computing Power

Alibaba Cloud computing services are based on the 4th generation X-Dragon architecture. The performance has been comprehensively improved compared to the previous generation. At the same time, it was upgraded to a brand new eRDMA network architecture. It is the industry's first large-scale elastic RDMA acceleration capability.

High Stability

Alibaba Cloud ECS is backed a high Service Level Agreement (SLA)by commitment that guarantees 99.975% availability for individual instances and 99.995% availability for instances developed in multiple zones within the same region.

Reliability and Scalability You Can Trust

Alibaba Cloud elastic computing services are resilient to traffic spikes and apply to nearly 300 scenarios across different industries, such as the Internet, finance, and retail. DingTalk successfully leveraged these services to scale up and deploy 100,000 Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances within two hours.

Continuous R&D and Evolution

Over the last decade, Alibaba Cloud saw a 2,000-time increase in storage performance, a 500-time increase in network performance, and an average doubling of overall computing power per year.

Elastic Cloud Computing Services

Alibaba Cloud ECS provides flexible purchasing options. You can purchase savings plans, reserved instances, pay-as-you-go instances, or subscription instances based on your business needs.

Category Service Scenario

Cloud Servers

Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Provides cloud computing resources with a variety of CPU and memory combinations to suit different scenarios.
Simple Application Server Simple Application Server An easy-to-use service that helps you build applications or websites.
Elastic GPU Service Elastic GPU Service Equipped with GPUs to provide real-time, high-speed parallel computing and floating-point computing capabilities.
FPGA as a Service (FaaS) FPGA as a Service (FaaS) Provides instance types that are equipped with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).
Dedicated Host Dedicated Host Provides cloud hosts whose physical resources are dedicated to individual tenants.
ECS Bare Metal Instance (EBM) ECS Bare Metal Instance (EBM) Combines the elasticity of virtual machines and the performance and features of physical machines without virtualization overheads.
WUYING Workspace (EDS) WUYING Workspace (EDS) Provides the remote desktop feature and implements end-to-end graphics and image processing with the use of non-linear editing (NLE) software.

High-Performance Computing

Super Computing Cluster (SCC) Super Computing Cluster (SCC) Uses high-speed interconnectivity provided by the Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology and EBM.
Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) Supports Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with high-performance CPU instances and heterogeneous computing GPU instances, Platform as a Service (PaaS) with high-performance computing software stacks, and Software as a Service (SaaS) customized based on application templates.
Batch Compute Batch Compute A distributed cloud service suitable for large-scale parallel batch processing jobs.


Elastic Container Instance Elastic Container Instance Allows you to run containers without managing underlying servers. You need only to provide a container image to get started.
Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) A high-performance and scalable containerized application management service that helps manage enterprise-level containerized applications throughout their lifecycles.
Service Mesh (ASM) Service Mesh (ASM) A fully managed platform that manages the traffic of microservice applications in a centralized manner. ASM is compatible with Istio and provides a centralized platform to manage the traffic of multiple Kubernetes clusters.
Container Registry (ACR) Container Registry (ACR) Provides a secure service to manage cloud-native assets throughout their lifecycles helps distribute images across different scenarios. ACR is seamlessly integrated with ACK.

Elastic Orchestration

Auto Scaling Auto Scaling A management service that automatically adjusts the number of elastic computing resources based on your business needs and policies.
Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) An easy-to-use automated deployment service for cloud computing resources.
Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) A comprehensive cloud-based automated O&M service used to manage and execute O&M tasks.


Comprehensive relational transactional database products on Alibaba Cloud.

Function Compute 2.0 Function Compute 2.0 A fully managed event-driven computing service.
Serverless Workflow Serverless Workflow A fully managed serverless cloud service that coordinates multiple distributed tasks.

Customers of Alibaba Cloud Computing Services

"As a leading hospitality company, IHG has always been the pioneer in digital change to keep its pole position in an increasingly technology-driven and interconnected world. In this digital era, we are fully devoted to providing the best guest experience in a sustainable and global manner."

Steven Zhong, VP, Hotel and Owner Solutions, IHG Greater China

By partnering with the Alibaba Cloud network, IHG has enabled more than 350 hotels in China to deploy a secure, fast connection between each other and with the United States headquarters. The simple and flexible deployment method shortens the launching phase of their business, reduces the network cost by more than 50%, and enables the rapid expansion of IHG business in China.

"Most of the China Digital Strategy is built and operated on Alibaba Cloud. Against this backdrop, Shiseido uses extensive services provided by Alibaba Cloud to meet the requirements of the new market. Furthermore, with the increasing focus on security recently, we have been working closely with Alibaba Cloud to comply with security standards."

Keisuke Fujii, ICT Vice President, SHISEIDO China

Shiseido uses Alibaba Cloud’s reliable and high-performance elastic computing services and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to adapt to the requirements of the new market and comply with security standards.

"We worked very closely with Alibaba Cloud to ensure that we had very rapid response times to any infrastructure or capacity related issues."

TAHIR HASHMI, VP of Engineering, Tokopedia

Currently, Tokopedia runs over 20 full-stack core applications with nearly 1,000 VMs. They leverage big data solutions and AI capabilities, such as image search, to satisfy different user scenarios and requirements, delivering an intelligent user experience to customers.

"Moving forward, Adira Finance hopes to continue leveraging the service solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud to maximize its business plan and serving its diverse customers across Indonesia. Adira looks forward to continuing its digital transformation through Alibaba Cloud."

Dodi Soewandi, CIO, Adira

By leveraging the strengths of Alibaba Cloud, Adira can modernize its infrastructure from an on-premises model into a hybrid model and shorten the provision time by less than two weeks.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Reinventing Retail: Alibaba Cloud E-Commerce Solution

Reinventing Retail: Alibaba Cloud E-Commerce Solution

Alibaba Cloud provided e-commerce solutions that include elastic computing and database services to support the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, which set a single-day sales record of 30 billion US dollars in 2019.

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FinTech on Alibaba Cloud

FinTech on Alibaba Cloud

FinTech on Alibaba Cloud offers a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution to run financial workloads on the cloud for fast product releases and upgrades while complying with the latest regulations.

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Gaming Solution

Gaming Solution

Alibaba Cloud gaming solutions enable enterprises to develop a better built-in user experience, with shorter response times and lower O&M costs.

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Cloud-Native Applications Management

Cloud-Native Applications Management

The Alibaba Cloud-Native Applications Management solution helps enterprises accelerate the development, deployment, and management of applications securely and cost-effectively. You can leverage its services to achieve faster time to market, improved cost performance, new innovative technology, and end-to-end security.

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Best Practices for Cloud Computing

  • Migrating Your Servers to Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service
  • Building an Auto Scaling System on Alibaba Cloud
  • Managing Your Resources on Alibaba Cloud
  • Setting up a Typical Application Deployment for New Businesses on Alibaba Cloud
  • Transforming a Single-Server Deployment for SMEs on Alibaba Cloud
  • Deploying a Global Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud

Get Started With Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing

Free Training and Certification

Alibaba’s free training and certification give a thorough understanding of what's new in the 6th-generation ECS instances of Alibaba Cloud. You will learn how to choose appropriate instance types for your workloads and understand ECS pricing models. You will gain a thorough understanding of what sets the 6th-generation ECS instances apart and why you should be considering them for all your workloads on Alibaba Cloud.

Server Migration Center

Server Migration Center (SMC) allows you to migrate one or more servers to Alibaba Cloud. You can migrate data from a variety of sources, including servers in data centers, virtual machines, and cloud hosts on other cloud platforms. SMC provides a lightweight client that does not require installation. During migration, you do not need to stop services on the source servers.

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