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AWS to Alibaba Cloud: Migration for Multi Cloud Scenarios

In this article, we are going to explore at how you can migrate AWS to Alibaba Cloud instances with easy and hassle-free steps.

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Alibaba Cloud MVP and Business Head (Cloud BU - APAC) Click2Cloud Inc.


Cloud migration is the process of migrating applications, VMs, database either public, private or on-premise to cloud. Migrating your data from one cloud to another cloud sometimes leads you with messy steps. Say, for example, AWS cloud provides the services which lead to consumption and increased billing. The best option here is to migrate it to Alibaba cloud.

The general goal or benefit of any cloud migration is to host applications and data in the most effective IT environment possible, based on factors such as cost, performance and security.

For example, many organizations perform the migration of on-premises applications and data from their local data center to public cloud infrastructure to take advantage of benefits such as greater elasticity, self-service provisioning, redundancy and a flexible, pay-per-use model.

Steps to Migrate from AWS to Alibaba / Scenario of AWS to Alibaba Migration

The Cloud Migration tool allows you to perform online migration. You can use the Cloud Migration tool to migrate a source server to an Alibaba Cloud instance to achieve unified resource deployment. Source servers can be IDC servers, virtual machines (VMs), cloud hosts on other platforms, or other types of servers that you want to migrate. User do not even require spending their time-wasting on migration processes.

Cloud Migration process

The first step towards a successful data migration process is the evaluation of businesses basic needs as well as its future capacity and use.

To understand it Let's take an example, say you have virtual machines running on AWS and you would like to calculate how much this infrastructure would cost in Alibaba. Doing this by accessing server by server review could take time.

A migration plan is incomplete without a backup plan. There is always a non-zero probability for errors to happen in a migration process, and damages are often irreversible. Schedule migration notify users if there is any down time expected during cut over.

Migration tool helps to analyze your infrastructure and show you in two minutes how much money you can save by migrating from Azure and On-premises VM's to Alibaba cloud.

Migration feature support two billing methods: subscription and pay-as-you-go.

  • Subscription: A prepaid method that allows you to use an instance only after you pay for it.
  • Pay-as-you-go: A postpaid method in which you can pay after using the resource.

The migration strategy maintains a reliable, real-time migration, with less or zero down time. User can migrate their workload in fully automated manner with the drag and drop feature using minimal clicks.

Migration studio as SaaS offering is one stop shop for all migration needs providing seamless experience with cost effective and reliable tool kit. Technical and feasibility evaluation, choice of cloud recommendation through extensive cloud comparison report is add-on value with Migration tool offering.

Migration Scenario

Migration Scenario

Migration from AWS to Alibaba cloud

Benefits of Migrating from AWS to Alibaba Cloud:

  1. There are obvious and highly touted benefits such as scalability, reliability, lower costs, improved analytics and disaster recovery.
  2. Migrates workload from or between any combination of physical, virtual and cloud-based platforms using drag and drop functionality.
  3. Reduce operational costs.
  4. Easy-to-use console.
  5. Scalable continuous replication with minimal performance or bandwidth impact.
  6. Offers freedom from lock-in to any specific hypervisor, cloud vendor or hardware.

Cloud Migration benefits


Using migration tool, you can ensure clients get to their optimal cloud environment without spending additional time on costly trial-and-error attempts at migration. This could save total cost of ownership over 62% by migrating your infrastructure from AWS to Alibaba cloud.

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