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ApsaraDB for Redis includes the community version of Redis and the enterprise version of Tair (fully compatible with Redis), which supports primary-secondary, clustering and read-write separation architectures, low latency, high throughput and elastic scalability, and provides real-time diagnostic capabilities for large hot keys. Tair offers a variety of series to meet different scenarios of price/performance requirements, as well as global multi-live, data flashback, hot key query optimization, and rich data structure, enabling online data business with large-scale high-performance requirements.

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Deep Dive of BigKey and HotKey Issues in Redis
The definition and impact of BigKey and HotKey, how to discover and handle
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Redis Core Team Welcomes New Members
Alibaba Cloud Database Technical Expert Zhao Zhao has joined the Redis Core Team and will play a key role in the open-source Redis project.
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30-day free trial for new users
Redis 5.0/6.0/7.0: Community Edition (standard architecture) with 1 GB of memory

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New ApsaraDB for Redis Features Released
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ApsaraDB for Redis retrieves data from the in-memory cache to support high-speed reads and writes. ApsaraDB for Redis uses an in-memory store but also persists data on disks. It is suitable for high-performance web applications.

ApsaraDB for Redis supports a variety of data types in key-value pairs, such as strings, lists, sets, ordered sets, and hashes. It also supports advanced features, such as transactions, message subscriptions, and message publications.

ApsaraDB for Redis provides secure, scalable, and maintenance-free database services on the cloud. It also supports master-replica replication and cross-zone deployment to ensure high availability.

ApsaraDB for Redis Free Trial

ApsaraDB for Redis

Fully compatible with Redis, the most popular KV caching database.


Redis 5.0/6.0/7.0

1GB Community Edition

2 Replicas

New Users Only
30 Days Free

Various Instance Types

Enhanced Edition (Tair) – Standard Master-Replica Performance Enhanced

The master-replica architecture is suitable for caching large-scale Internet and high-performance application data.


  • Queries per second (QPS) on each node reaches up to 240,000, which is three times the performance of Community Edition
  • Internet production environment supports tens of millions of daily active users.

Enhanced Edition | 4 GB Standard Performance Enhanced | Connections: 20,000

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Enhanced Edition (Tair) - Cluster High Throughput and Concurrency

Data is sharded across nodes in a distributed architecture. This enables ApsaraDB for Redis to achieve high performance, low latency, and high capacity. It is suitable for caching large-scale Internet application data.


  • Expands data capacity to a maximum of 4 TB.
  • Internet production environment supports tens of millions of daily active users.

Enhanced Edition | 8 GB Cluster Performance Enhanced (4 Shards) | Connections: 40,000

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Highly Stable Architecture

Based on the Alibaba Cloud Apsara distributed operating system and high-performance SSD storage, the master-replica architecture guarantees automatic failover. RDB persistence and AOF persistence are supported.

High Performance and Scalability

Connection capacity and network throughput are configurable. Elastic configurations of cluster instances apply to high concurrency scenarios. You can scale the storage, network throughput, and connection capacity without service interruption.

Source Code Optimization

Alibaba Cloud senior experts provide professional services to optimize the kernel for higher performance and security, fix kernel vulnerabilities, and ensure service stability.

Smart Operations and Maintenance

It features visualized resource management, an end-to-end monitoring and alerting system, automatic upgrades for hands-free version control, and intelligent management and maintenance.


Wide Service Scope: A Variety of Business-Critical Services

Covers the entire lifecycle of business development to meet the requirements of high performance, cost-effectiveness, and data persistence during data processing

Community Edition

Developed based on open-source Redis, ApsaraDB for Redis is fully compatible with Redis-native data types and the Redis API. ApsaraDB for Redis provides Redis Database (RDB) persistence and Append Only File (AOF) persistence. Alibaba Cloud’s robust management capabilities provide stable database services on the cloud.

Enhanced Edition (Tair): Performance Enhanced

Compatible with open source Redis, performance-enhanced instances adopt the multi-threading I/O model, improve the queries per second (QPS) of each Redis node, and can handle a large number of concurrent connections. With a QPS value three times that of Community Edition instances, performance-enhanced instances apply to scenarios that require ultra-high concurrency and ultra-low latency. View details >

Tair (Redis Enterprise Edition): Persistent In-Memory

Persistent memory-optimized instances are databases that meet high-concurrency requirements. These instances adopt Intel Optane© memory, support native Redis commands, provide real-time data persistence capabilities, and are compatible with most Redis data structures and APIs. These instances allow you to store and query a large amount of warm and hot data at a low cost, and can reduce costs by up to 30% compared with Community Edition instances. Persistent memory-optimized instances apply to cost-sensitive scenarios that require high concurrency, low latency, and large-scale data storage. View details >

Tair (Redis Enterprise Edition): Capacity Storage

Storage-optimized instances are databases that meet high-concurrency requirements. These instances use Alibaba Cloud enhanced SSDs, support native Redis commands, provide real-time data persistence capabilities, and are compatible with most Redis data structures and APIs. These instances allow you to store and query an exceedingly large amount of warm and cold data at an ultra-low cost, and can reduce costs by up to 85% compared with Community Edition instances. Storage-optimized instances apply to latency-insensitive scenarios that require high concurrency, ultra-large-scale data storage, and ultra-low costs. View details >

Various Architectures: Single Shard, Master-Replica, Read/Write Splitting, and Distributed Cluster

Single node instances are suitable for caching scenarios. Master-replica instances feature automatic failover. Read/write splitting instances apply to scenarios where more reads are processed than writes. Cluster instances can be scaled out.

Master-Replica Architecture

The replica node synchronizes to the master node in real-time. If the master node fails, the system automatically performs a failover and restores the services within a few seconds. Then, the replica node takes over the workloads. Your service is not interrupted during the failover process. The master-replica architecture ensures the high availability of your services.

Cluster Architecture

Cluster instances run in a distributed architecture. Each shard contains a master node and a replica node to ensure high availability. Failovers are triggered when the master node fails. Multiple specifications are provided to deal with different workloads. You can upgrade your instances to improve the performance of the database service.

Read/Write Splitting Architecture

The read/write splitting architecture applies to scenarios where more reads are processed than writes. Each read/write splitting instance supports a maximum of 100,000 writes per second and 600,000 reads per second. This helps you eliminate the performance bottleneck of reading and writing hotkeys.

Data Security: Backup and Restoration, Multi-Layer Network Protection, and Disaster Recovery

Supports automatic backup, quick restoration, multi-layer network protection, zone-disaster recovery, and geo-disaster recovery

Backup and Restoration

Automatically performs backups and supports disaster recovery. You can restore data that is accidentally deleted to minimize your business losses.

Multi-Layer Network Protection

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) isolates data transmission at the transport layer. Anti-DDoS detects and mitigates volumetric DDoS attacks in real-time. It allows you to configure more than 1,000 IP address whitelists to block malicious IP addresses.

Disaster Recovery

Supports zone-disaster recovery, geo-disaster recovery, and cross-region disaster recovery to avoid data corruption at the physical layer.

In-Depth Kernel Optimization

Alibaba Cloud Technical Experts have optimized the kernel of open-source Redis to prevent out-of-memory errors and patch vulnerabilities.

Elasticity: Multidimensional Scaling and Transparent Upgrades

Dynamic upgrades to improve the performance and capacity of your instances. You can also switch between different architectures without service interruption.

Data Capacity Expansion

ApsaraDB for Redis instances are available in different memory capacities. You can adjust the memory capacity of your instance to meet business requirements.

Performance Upgrading

The cluster architecture allows you to scale the storage and throughput of the databases. This eliminates the performance bottleneck and can handle tens of millions of reads and writes per second.

Multiple Architectures

Supports the single node caching architecture and master-replica architecture to meet different business requirements. You can upgrade to master-replica instances or downgrade to standard instances when necessary.

Intelligent O&M: Professional Monitoring and Data Management Platform, and Automatic Kernel Version Upgrading

The Data Management (DMS) console and the ApsaraDB for Redis console are easy to use and can reduce management and maintenance expenses. The system is automatically upgraded to the latest version.

Monitoring Platform

Monitors the CPU utilization, number of connections, and disk usage of instances in real time and raises alerts. This allows you to gain insights into your instances.

Visualized Management Platform

You can perform common and high-risk operations with only a few clicks in the ApsaraDB for Redis console. For example, you can clone instances, back up data, or restore data.

Visualized Data Management Platform

The DMS console allows you to manage data in a visualized manner. This improves development and maintenance efficiency.

Kernel Version Management

The kernel version is automatically upgraded and defects are patched at the earliest opportunity. This facilitates version control. Configuration parameters are optimized to increase the system resource utilization.



Single node instances are suitable for websites that deal with heavy reads and writes but require cost-effectiveness. Single node instances are intended for caching services. They provide high QPS performance and use RDS to persist data.


  • High Read/Write Performance

    The single threading feature allows Redis to handle up to 100,000 QPS and can withstand more traffic loads if it is upgraded to a single node cluster instance.

  • High Availability

    Protects your workloads from single points of failure.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Single node instances are cost-effective and applicable to caching services.

Elastic Scaling

Game companies release new games to attract more players and increase market share. ApsaraDB for Redis can reduce the complexity of application development and dynamically scale out to withstand heavy loads.


  • Data Persistence

    In the gaming industry, elastic scaling is required when developers create duplicate servers and users transfer data to different servers. Data persistence can decrease the load on the database engine and reduce development complexity.

  • Quick Cloning

    You can clone instances from backup files to meet the gaming industry requirements of creating duplicate servers multiple times a day.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Backup files are retained free of charge for seven days. You can restore data with a few clicks to ensure data security.

High Scalability

Traffic spikes occur in live streaming scenarios. Cluster instances can overcome the single-threading bottleneck of Redis, handle millions of QPS, and meet the requirements of low response latency and high concurrency.


  • Transparent Elastic Scaling

    Handles system access, user visits, and traffic spikes without affecting the current business.

  • Data Security

    Each shard in a cluster instance is deployed in a master-replica architecture to implement disaster recovery and ensure data security.

Seamlessly Integrated With Big Data Computing

In the e-commerce industry, large-scale promotion systems that run for a limited time and inventory systems with a counting feature are exposed to a huge amount of user traffic. ApsaraDB for Redis can withstand heavy reads and provide data persistence.


  • High QPS

    The single threading feature allows Redis to handle up to 100,000 QPS to meet the requirements of high concurrency scenarios.

  • Data Persistence

    Supports RDB persistence (creates point-in-time snapshots) and AOF persistence (logs operations).

  • Optimized Storage Architecture

    Uses Redis + RDS storage architecture, and persists data in the cache and on disks to improve database performance.

Customers Stories

As the Official Cloud Services Partner to the Olympic Games and the infrastructure powering Alibaba, we provide high-performance cloud technology to help your business perform at its best.



Deploy Applications Across Regions on Alibaba Cloud

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Build an Auto-Scaling System on Alibaba Cloud

This solution helps you automatically adjust computing resources to deal with traffic fluctuations. This topic describes how to scale databases to meet the increasing data requirements and cache data across regions to reduce database loads.


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