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An on-demand database hosting service for PostgreSQL with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities

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RDS for PostgreSQL 16 Has Arrived
Enhanced security, efficiency, and more
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Upgrade RDS for PostgreSQL Major Version In One Click
You are allowed to upgrade from any version(since PG 10) to the latest with one click only if the disk type of your instance is cloud disk. Upgrade metrix:
PG 10 -> PG 11~16

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Video: How to upgrade RDS PostgreSQL major version in just one click
Watch the video in 7 minutes and upgrade PostgreSQL seamlessly with no impact on your business.

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How To | Build GIS Heat Map APP With Ganos on ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

Known as "the world’s most advanced open source relational database", PostgreSQL enables OLTP databases that handle enterprise-level SQL statements, supports NoSQL data types such as JSON, XML and hstore, and supports GIS data processing.

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PostgreSQL BI Dashboard Toolkit

Streamline BI dashboard creation using Cube, React, and ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL. Learn more >

  • Plug-and-Play
  • Simplified Management
  • Smooth Integration

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ECS | ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

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PostgreSQL GIS Heat Map Power Visual

Develop dynamic heat maps with geo-visualization and analytics on ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL featuring Ganos. Learn more >

  • All-Inclusive Features
  • Superior Performance
  • Fortified Security

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ECS | ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

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ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL Serverless

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PostgreSQL 14/15/16

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ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

OLTP scenarios, GIS and other NoSQL data support.


PostgreSQL 11~16 High-availability


2C4G, 20 GB ESSD PL1

New User Only
30 Days Free

ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL

OLTP scenarios, GIS and other NoSQL data support.


PostgreSQL 11~16 Basic


2C4G, 20 GB ESSD PL1

New User Only
30 Days Free


NoSQL compatibility
Compatible with SQL:2011 and supports multiple data types, such as JSON and XML.
Multiple Extensions
Supports GIS data, cloud storage expansion, and Chinese text segmentation to make development easier.
Efficient Querying
Provides a cost-based SQL query optimizer that shows significantly better performance in multi-table queries than MySQL.
Secure and Stable
Supports SQL auditing and field permission control. Provides IP whitelists to prevent DDoS attacks.


  • Easy Spatial Information Processing

    With PostGIS extensions, the service supports 2D and 3D geographical data modelling, and recognizes the shifts caused by the irregular shape of the Earth to enable precise positioning that meets the OpenGIS standard.

    Spatial data types


    Spatial functions

    Supports spatial functions such as Area, Length, and Distance.

    Metadata types and functions


    Binary predicates

    Supports binary predicates such as Contains, Within, Overlaps, and Touches.

    Spatial operators

    Supports spatial operators such as Union and Difference.

  • Strong Compatibility with NoSQL

    The SQL statements support unstructured data types such as JSON, XML, and Key-Value, which enables a Not Only SQL (NoSQL) solution.

    Create tables using JSON data

    For example, CREATE TABLE json_tab(id bigint, data jsonb);

    Directly save JSON data

    For example, INSERT INTO json_tab VALUES (1,'{""pname"":""Product 1"",""qty"":50}')

    Directly query JSON data

    For example, SELECT * FROM json_tab WHERE data->>'qty' > 30

    Index JSON attributes to enhance performance

    For example, CREATE INDEX idx_json_tab_data_pname ON json_tab USING btree ((data ->> 'pname'));

    Perform JOIN queries on existing tables

    For example, SELECT * FROM json_tab JOIN product ON (products.pname=json_data.data->>'pname') WHERE data->>'qty' > 30;

  • Supports Full-text Search

    You can use SQL operations to perform full-text searches and fuzzy queries without the need to create additional search engines.

    Multiple features

    Supports Chinese text segmentation and custom word banks, and allows you to continuously process and optimize existing word banks. The service also offers advanced features such as jieba segmenter, similarity analysis, similarity indexing, and regular expression matching. You can use the SQL engine to perform text segmentation smoothly and easily.

  • Supports OSS Storage Expansion

    Based on the Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) feature of PostgreSQL, ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL integrates the management of external tables stored in OSS and supports flexible storage expansion.

    Readable, writeable, and flexible storage

    With external tables, you can use the CSV files stored in OSS as local data tables. The service also allows you to perform JOIN queries involving local tables, to read and write data directly, and to flexibly increase the database size to meet your needs for the management of hot and cold data lifecycles. You can also use the standard GZIP algorithm to compress the CSV files stored as external tables in OSS. This effectively shortens the data writing time to OSS and lowers the storage cost by more than 50%.

  • Supports Data Warehousing

    ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL meets the high availability needs of OLTP applications, and also supports OLAP data warehouses for real-time data analysis.


    Provides the same database driver for online databases and data warehouses, which helps SMEs reduce the development cost. To analyze TB size data, you can use AnalyticDB RDS for PostgreSQL to create OLAP data warehouses that support horizontal scaling, and BI transactions that involve analyzing hundreds of TB or PB size data.

How it works

  • Standard enterprise-level PostgreSQL solution
  • Flexible storage expansion
  • Boosts IoT development with GIS and JSON
Standard enterprise-level PostgreSQL solution

Standard enterprise-level PostgreSQL solution

Core business database

Based on Alibaba Cloud multi-zone architecture, the service supports local disaster recovery and ensures the security and stability of enterprise databases. Compared with other open source databases, PostgreSQL is a better choice for online transaction processing, and shows better performance at JOIN queries involving multiple tables.


  • Supports large tables

    Each table can contain hundreds of millions of rows. Maintains high performance in multi-table queries based on Hash JOIN.

  • OLAP solutions

    Provides OLAP support for tables of hundreds of gigabytes. For larger sizes of data, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL supports horizontal scaling.

  • Flexible storage

    Allows you to store cold data in external tables in OSS. Supports interaction with AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL.

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Flexible storage expansion

Flexible storage expansion

Breaks the limit of RDS storage

To expand your storage, you can store frequently used hot data in SSDs and use OSS to store cold data. You can also compress OSS data based on the standard GZIP algorithm to further reduce the storage cost. With AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, you can expand your OLAP applications horizontally to provide better performance and more storage space.


  • Log storage

    Provides flexible storage based on OSS.

  • Analysis of large amounts of BI data

    Use AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL to implement high performance analysis using the same SQL grammar.

Related Products and Services

Boosts IoT development with GIS and JSON

Boosts IoT development with GIS and JSON

Increase the productivity of developers and database administrators with SQL

JSON and GIS data types are essential for processing IoT transactions. In traditional solutions, developers and database administrators frequently use hardcoding when interacting with NoSQL databases and professional GIS analytical tools. With PostgreSQL, you can use SQL to perform operations on JSON and GIS data directly. This saves the trouble of data imports and significantly increases the development efficiency.


  • Sensor data of JSON format

    Use SQL to perform relational queries and lower the development cost.

  • GIS data

    Precise positioning. Supports 2D and 3D data types, route planning, and raster data analysis.

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