This topic describes the limits of RDS PostgreSQL. To guarantee stability and security, you must understand the limits.

The following table describes the limits of RDS PostgreSQL.

Operations RDS restrictions
Modify database parameter settings Currently it is not supported.
Database root permission RDS does not offer the superuser permission.
Database backup Data backup can only be performed through pg_dump.
Data migration Data backed up through pg_dump can only be restored through psql.
Build database replication PostgreSQL provides a dual-node cluster based on the master/slave replication architecture(except for the basic edition). The slave instance in the architecture is invisible to you, and your application cannot access to the slave instance directly.
Restart the RDS instance The instance must be restarted through the RDS console or OpenAPI.
Network setting If the access mode of the instance is safe connection mode, enabling net.ipv4.tcp_timestamps in SNAT mode is not allowed.