New Features

Elasticsearch - Supports Connecting to Kibana from Private Networks and Restart of Individual Nodes

Jan 08 2020

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch now allows you to restart an individual node instead of restarting the entire instance to resolve issues. To reinforce security, Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch allows you to connect to Kibana from private networks.

Target customers: users that have higher requirements on O&M capabilities and instance security. Features released: 1. Supports connecting to Kibana from private networks to reinforce security. You can enable or disable Kibana private access in Kibana settings on the Data Visualization page. 2. Improves O&M capabilities for individual nodes. You can restart an individual node instead of restarting the instance to save time. Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch also supports blue-green deployment to update instance resources. 3. Supports maintenance window. To ensure the stability of your instance, the system maintains your instance irregularly. The default maintenance window is from 02:00 to 06:00. You can set the time window to off-peak hours to avoid adverse impacts on your workloads.

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