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Elasticsearch - Supports Advanced Monitoring and Alerting

Jul 15 2020

The Advanced Monitoring and Alerting service is developed based on Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch. The service provides an out-of-box end-to-end (E2E) solution to cluster monitoring and alerting. The solution includes diversified SaaS services, such as collection, monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and data processing. These SaaS services are in the public preview stage.

Target customers: Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch V6.7 users. The service will be available soon for more versions. Features released: After you activate the Advanced Monitoring and Alerting service, you can configure Grafana dashboards as needed. On the dashboards, you can view comprehensive metrics related to your Elasticsearch cluster, nodes, indexes, and Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance resources. You can also customize alert rules and manage alert contacts based on your business needs. This ensures a stable, reliable alerting service. Advanced Monitoring and Alerting allows you to easily obtain the status of your cluster in real time and locate and resolve issues in time.

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