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Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) - Available on international sites

Users can now use the Resource Orchestration Service on Alibaba Cloud international site.

Product detail page for international site: Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) offers an easy approach for developers and system administrators to create and manage Alibaba Cloud resources. You can define any Alibaba Cloud resources and their dependencies, as well as configuration details you need through JSON-format text files. Alibaba Cloud ROS automatically handles the creation and configuration of these resources, freeing you from the minor details in these processes. You can utilize Alibaba Cloud ROS' orchestration capabilities through the Alibaba Cloud console, APIs, or command line tools. You can also seamlessly integrate these capabilities with your business systems to meet demands for automatic deployment and O&M. Templates for resource integration and architecture blueprints can also be used as code for development, tests, and version control. Meanwhile, templates can also serve as a means for you to deliver Alibaba Cloud-based resources and system architecture to your customers. We can operate on Alibaba Cloud resources through templates, APIs, or SDKs to transform cloud-based infrastructure into programmable code (Infrastructure as Code). Alibaba Cloud's ROS is available on Alibaba Cloud international sites to offer complete orchestration capabilities.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

Increase instance computing power by up to 40% and Fully equipped with TPM chips.
Powered by Third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake).

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