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Alibaba Cloud DNS (DNS) - Alibaba Cloud Public DNS Console Released

The console of Alibaba Cloud public DNS is released. It provides recursive resolution and report services over HTTP and HTTPS and ensures fast, secure, and stable network access.

Target customers: Common users: Alibaba Cloud public DNS is suitable for all Internet users who want to accelerate network access and protect their personal privacy. Enterprise users: Various terminal providers such as browsers, mobile terminals, and IoT devices can access Alibaba Cloud public DNS to accelerate network access and prevent domain hijacking. Features released: 1. Networkwide basic DNS resolution: Alibaba Cloud public DNS can resolve domain names that are registered with either Alibaba Cloud or a third-party service provider. This service allows access over UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS. 2. Accelerated domain name access: Alibaba Cloud public DNS reduces recursive resolution and allows requests for domain name access to be directly sent to the authoritative DNS server. A total of 16 DNS cluster nodes are deployed all over the world, which allows users to access the nearest nodes with low latency. This service supports fast updates of resolution results. The recursive DNS server of Alibaba Cloud public DNS and the authoritative DNS server of Alibaba Cloud DNS update the resolution results at the same time to make the resolution results take effect in seconds. 3. Anti-hijacking: This service bypasses local DNS servers of Internet service providers (ISPs) to avoid domain hijacking. Anti-DDoS capabilities are provided to protect end users against DDoS attacks. 4. User privacy protection: Both the DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) protocols are supported. The two protocols are developed based on Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is used to ensure secure communications between users and HTTPS-based websites. 5. An Alibaba Cloud public DNS SDK for Android is provided for you to download. This achieves fast access to Alibaba Cloud public DNS. 6. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported. 7. Rich report logs: All users who log on to the console of Alibaba Cloud public DNS can view information in log reports, such as the number of requests and access information.

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