Construction and application of Flink+Hologres real-time data warehouse in Lazada

Ali is exploring and trying to apply the successful domestic business model to the Southeast Asian market. The above figure shows the business survey data of six major countries in Southeast Asia.

From ELK to EFK, combined with the new features of Flink and Elasticsearch to reconstruct the full observation plan

Flink can play a good role in tag indexing. The official name of ES is Logstash, but now EFK can use Flink instead of Logstash. Logstash is not a cluster, but a multi instance load balance.

Dolphin intelligent computing engine based on Flink+Hologres practice

The Dolphin engine is a hyper-converged engine integrating analysis and AI. It has OLAP analysis computing, Streaming flow computing, batch batch computing and AI algorithm computing capabilities. These capabilities are built on the basis of SQL components and Index Build components.

Pre-computing technology + Hologres acquisition traffic analysis product practice

As a query acceleration team, our vision is to build a low-cost, high-performance inclusive query acceleration engine that can support A+traffic analysis, business advisors, Huang Jince, Youmeng, FBI/QBI and other products with massive data interaction analysis.

Changes and invariance in the wave of cross-end development

Since the beginning of the PC era in the early 1990s, with the rapid popularization of mobile networks, various mobile Internet devices have been emerging in the mobile era and IOT era around 2010.

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