Data Storage

What Is Cloud Storage | Features of Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage is a new concept extended and developed on the concept of cloud computing. This article introduces what cloud storage is and the characteristics of cloud storage services.

A Detailed Explanation of Hadoop Core Architecture HDFS

In the Hadoop entry learning stage, many students know that in the Hadoop framework, HDFS provides distributed storage support, so they often misunderstand HDFS: Is HDFS a database? What kind of database is HDFS? In fact, HDFS is not a database, the official definition is called a distributed file system, how to understand it?

6 Optional Technologies for Data Storage

Business problems are too broad, deep, and complex for one tool to solve them all, especially in the field of big data and analytics. This article describes 6 alternative technologies for data storage.

What is Object Storage

Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a type of data storage in which each unit of data is stored as a discrete unit called an object. An object can be a discrete unit, anything like a pdf, audio, image or video file. These objects can be virtually any type of data and of any size. All objects in object storage are stored in a single, flat addresses space without a folder hierarchy.

Difference between object storage, file storage and block storage

There are mainly three types of data storage, which are object storage, file storage and block storage. What are they and what are their differences each of them?

What is NAS

NAS is Network Attached Storage. As the name suggest NAS is usually attached to your computer through ethernet port via router or a network switch and allow multiple computers to connect to your NAS device at the same time.

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