Internet of Things

What is edge computing?

Edge computing is a distributed computing concept that integrates intelligence to edge devices, also called edge nodes, allowing data to be processed and analyzed in real time near the data collection source.

What Does IoT Mean

The Internet of Things refers to collecting various needed information in real time through various devices and technologies, and realizing the ubiquitous connection between objects and objects and between objects and people through various possible network accesses, and realizes the intelligent perception of objects and processes. , identification and management.

What Is Blockchain Technology

An easy way to understand blockchain is to visualize it as a database that is publicly shared among many participants.Each of these participants is connected to the network through their computer, and all of these participants maintain the same copy of the database.

How Blockchain Can Help the Financial Industry

As the core technology of a decentralized accounting platform, blockchain has broad application prospects in many fields such as finance, credit reporting, teaching, medical care, the Internet of Things, economic trade, and smart devices.

How Big Data Technology Can Help the Transformation of the Securities Industry

In the Internet+ era, it is urgent and timely for the securities industry to formulate a big data strategy.

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