File Storage CPFS Best Practices

By establishing cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, Light Boat Intelligent Airlines can focus more on business scenario research and development.

How Object Storage and Data Lake Follow the Trend?

Cloud native, which has become a prominent learning in the digital era, is not a single technology, but a design idea that reshapes software development and business operation applications, and is a set of technical systems and methodologies.

Innovation Motive Force behind Data Lake 3.0 Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

On March 31, 2022, at the Alibaba Cloud Global Data Lake Summit, Alibaba Cloud brought a massive upgrade plan of "Data Lake 3.0" to the audience from the three aspects of "lake management, lake storage and lake computing".

Talking about operation and maintenance with building blocks, such IT people are very knowledgeable

The log service SLS provides data collection, processing, analysis, alarm visualization and delivery functions, supports AIOps, big data analysis, operation services, big data security and other scenarios, and can adapt various operation and maintenance scenarios by building blocks to assist enterprises in IT decisions.

Experts from Alibaba Cloud, Byte and Huake said about O&M

Only today's thorough "operation" strategy can maintain stability in the future. Not long ago, Alibaba Cloud, together with the Information Storage and Security Professional Committee of the China Computer Industry Association, invited many experts from Alibaba Cloud, ByteDance and Huazhong University of Science and Technology to discuss the operation and maintenance of storage systems in the digital economy era.

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