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PolarDB-X's in constant query

In actual scenarios, you often need to perform IN queries based on some constant indicators, and the IN value is often the partition key. For example, in the e-commerce scenario, there are two tables, the buyer table and the order table.

How Intel PAUSE instruction changes affect MySQL performance

There are many x86 and arm instructions. Neither application programmers nor database kernel developers need to have a deep understanding of these instructions most of the time, but Pause instructions and database operations are too close.

Enterprise level and domestic ARM adaptation

PolarDB-X officially released version 2.2.0, which is an important milestone version. It focuses on the introduction of enterprise level and domestic ARM adaptation under the financial standard of distributed database, including eight core features, and comprehensively improves the universality of PolarDB-X distributed database in the financial, communications, government and other industries.

Database equivalent query and statistical information

Statistical information is used to provide data support for cost estimation of the optimizer. One of the most important requirements is cardinality estimation in the equivalent query (EQUALS, IN, etc.) scenario.

PolarDB-X source code interpretation series

In the previous source code reading, we introduced the execution process of INSERT. Unlike INSERT, INSERT IGNORE needs to determine whether there is a unique key conflict with the inserted value and ignore the conflicting inserted value.

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