Bean life cycle initialization and destruction

This article will combine a simple case to learn the specific content of the initialization and destruction phases in the Bean life cycle.

The principle of hash method in HashMap

Hash, generally translated as "hash", and also directly transliterated as "hash", is to convert an input of any length into a fixed-length output through a hash algorithm, and the output is the hash value.

Java automatic generation of single-test code artifact recommendation

Many companies have certain requirements for branch single test coverage. For example, the single test coverage must reach 60% or 80% before release.

JSON deserialization with generics

Why does IDEA give the following warning and how to solve it?Some students said that it would be better to suppress this warning by using suppression annotation directly.

Do you really understand the immutability of Java strings?

The immutability of strings means that the characters of strings are immutable. The value character array of String is declared as final to ensure immutable.

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