Internet of Things (IOT)

Migration of Alibaba Cloud IoT platform development practice

In the field of the Internet of Things, with the gradual expansion of enterprise business scale, more and more terminal equipment, the cost of self built MQTT clusters' horizontal expansion and continuous operation and maintenance is getting higher and higher.

Real time messaging solutions between IoT devices and mobile apps

M2M (Machine to Machine) is an end-to-end communication technology. Alibaba Cloud IoT enterprise IoT instance realizes M2M communication between devices through the topic forwarding function based on the rule engine.

How does IoT platform realize 1 million/s message broadcasting?

Alibaba Cloud IoT enterprise IoT instance provides developers with a PubBroadcast interface, which can reach 1 million online devices at the second level, so that enterprises have no worries when facing high concurrency requirements.

IoT device positioning service: GPS, mobile base station, WiFi

Alibaba Cloud IoT enterprise Internet of Things platform provides auxiliary services for device positioning based on GPS, mobile base stations, WiFi hotspots and other information. Manufacturers can choose different positioning schemes according to the actual situation of the device.

OTA of IoT equipment

Firmware upgrade OTA (Over the Air Technology), namely over the air download technology, is an essential basic function of IoT Internet of Things platform.

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