Technical Analysis | Doris Connector and Flink CDC Achieve Exactly Only Access to MySQL Sub databases and Tables

This document will demonstrate how to use Apache Doris Flink Connector in combination with the two-phase submission of Flink CDC and Doris Stream Load to achieve real-time and efficient access to MySQL databases and tables, and achieve Exactly Once.

RocketMQ Flink Catalog Design and Practice

Flink is a distributed computing engine, which has realized batch streaming integration and can process bounded and unbounded data. Computing resources need to be allocated and managed effectively to execute streaming applications.

Construction and application of feature platform in Shuhe

Introduce the feature platform overview, feature storage services, streaming batch integration scheme, and model policy invocation scheme.

Flink Adaptive Batch Processing Capability Evolution

Flink is a streaming and batching computing framework, which was mainly used in streaming computing scenarios in the early years. In recent years, with the promotion of the concept of streaming and batching, more and more enterprises begin to use Flink to process batch business.

Flink Core Technology

Core technology special session, front-line technical experts analyze Flink technology trends and application practices.

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