Alibaba Cloud won two awards at the 2022 Global Distributed Cloud Conference

Alibaba Cloud's elastic computing team won two awards, "2022 China's Computing Power Pioneer TOP3" and "2022 Distributed Computing Market Leading Enterprise" for its innovative breakthroughs in the computing power field and its comprehensive distributed cloud product matrix layout.

XR on the cloud helps Alibaba e-commerce unlock new experiences

Alibaba Group's e-commerce business is undoubtedly the first platform to "unlock" the most new games. Not to mention that many businesses have played virtual human live broadcast, and the platform has also created many "virtual spaces" to provide users with new experience.

Product News丨Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest Monthly

The function update, best practice and partner service update of the computing nest service enable excellent enterprise software to be born and grow in the cloud~

Automate the deployment of cloud-native data warehouses

This article will focus on the Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest GBase GCDW cloud native data warehouse, analyze the data warehouse software in the cloud privatization deployment form, and help you understand how to quickly deploy GBase GCDW through Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest.

Alibaba Cloud Helps Guoman Giant System

Alibaba Cloud E-HPC's customized solution for the whole process of film and television rendering is fortunate to be the driving force behind the creation of many excellent Chinese digital content films, bringing about changes in production relations

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