Open source big data platform EMR comprehensive upgrade

On December 27, Alibaba Cloud officially released EMR 2.0, a cloud-native open-source big data platform. The upgraded open-source big data platform can expand and shrink performance by up to 6 times at the same cost.

Alibaba Cloud EMR StarRocks Extreme Data Lake Analysis

Both parties jointly enhance the data lake analysis capability of StarRocks, so that it can not only analyze the data stored in StarRocks local, but also analyze the data stored in Apache Hive (hereinafter referred to as Hive), Apache Iceberg (hereinafter referred to as Iceberg) and Apache Hudi (hereinafter referred to as Hudi) and other open source data lakes or data warehouses with the same excellent performance

Best practice of real-time update based on EMR StarRocks

Based on the business characteristics such as complex data sources, large data volumes, multiple data dimensions, and the demand for second-level data freshness of real-time operation business, Huiliang Technology selected an OLAP analysis platform for structured data of the material platform using the EMR StarRocks scheme after investigation to obtain native support in real-time analysis scenarios and more efficient query performance.

Best practices of EMR-StarRocks and Flink in real-time writing scenarios in sink volume

Alibaba Cloud EMR launched the StarRocks service at the beginning of the year. StarRocks is a new generation of extremely fast full-scene MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) data warehouse, dedicated to building a fast and unified analysis experience.

Alibaba Cloud Full Link Data Lake Development and Governance Solution

Alibaba Cloud has launched a full-link data lake solution, which mainly includes core products such as the open source big data platform E-MapReduce (EMR)+the one-stop big data development and governance platform DataWorks+data lake building DLF+object storage OSS.

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