Cloud Native

Talk about Serverless, which is naturally complementary to front-end engineers

Serverless products are characterized by maintenance free, pay as you go and adaptive flexibility. Therefore, we can use various serverless capabilities on the cloud to develop cooler products at a relatively lower cost and create more value for our customers.

Serverless Exploration of TapTap Algorithm Platform

Serverless has saved a lot of O&M and development manpower for TapTap in building applications, and directly brought our very original infrastructure, or resource management level, to the relatively cutting-edge standard in the industry without investing in infrastructure manpower.

Exploration and Practice of Proxyless Mesh Mode in Spring Cloud Application

This article uses a Demo to demonstrate that after the Spring Cloud application accesses MSE service governance, it can have the Proxyless Mesh capability without modifying any code. Currently, MSE service governance support has some limitations, which are being continuously supplemented and improved.

Prometheus Monitoring RocketMQ Best Practices

Among the more than 50 cloud products integrated by Prometheus, RocketMQ is a particularly representative cloud product, which has achieved very perfect functions in terms of observability.

Practical experience of local microservices in low fault tolerance business scenarios

"The physical examination is a low fault tolerance scenario. When users go to the hospital for physical examination, they cannot complete the appointment due to IT reasons, which will have a great impact on the user experience."

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