Cloud Computing

Application Management - DevOps Best Practice for Cloud Resources

First, with the development of business, the number and types of enterprise cloud resources are increasing, which brings challenges to management.

Best Practices for Event Based Automated Operation and Maintenance

System events represent changes in cloud resource status. Taking the system event of elastic computing as an example, the figure above represents the source of the system event of elastic computing.

How to realize the continuous release of applications?

Measurement often directly affects team behavior. If the number of lines of code is selected as the indicator of developers, developers will not write the code succinctly for the sake of performance. This phenomenon is called Hawthorne effect.

On cloud cost optimization practice

As shown in the figure above, the data of Flexera Cloud Status Report in 2022 shows that the surveyed enterprises believe that 32% of their cloud expenditures are wasted, up from 30% last year.

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing SRE Practice

The stability of the system cannot be separated from an effective early warning mechanism. According to Murphy's Law, where there may be errors, there will be errors. We can't predict exactly when and where the system will make errors.

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