Big Data

Annual release of DataWorks full link data governance

Based on Alibaba Cloud's powerful big data AI integrated platform capabilities, this paper introduces DataWorks's end-to-end full link data development and governance platform's new capabilities from the tool level, returns to the essence of tools serving people, and comprehensively improves the work efficiency of front-line data developers/business personnel.

UC CV type model optimization summary

The CV model is a common model in business, but we have observed that the CV model in the UC cluster still has a lot of room to improve the GPU utilization. If this is not optimized, a large number of GPU resources are required to meet the latency requirements. In order to improve resource utilization and save computing resources, we explored the optimization of these models (mainly PyTorch) and tested the Detectron2 model, which uses more resources.

EasyCV Mask2Former easily implements image segmentation

Image segmentation refers to the pixel level classification of pictures. According to the different classification granularity, it can be divided into three categories: semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and panoptic segmentation. Image segmentation is one of the main research directions in computer vision. It has important application value in medical image analysis, automatic driving, video surveillance, augmented reality, image compression and other fields.

Example of Mask2Former Image Segmentation Based on EasyCV

EasyCV is an all in one visual algorithm modeling tool based on Python, with self-monitoring learning and Transformer technology as the core, and contains SOTA algorithms for image classification, measurement learning, target detection, pose recognition and other visual tasks. This paper will introduce the training and prediction of image segmentation models using EasyCV.

AI Portrait Approaches the Real World

User Generated Content (UGC) is an important component of multimodal content on the Internet. The continuous growth of UGC data level promotes the prosperity of most of the multimodal content platforms. With the help of massive multi-modal data and deep learning model, AI Generated Content (AIGC) shows an explosive growth trend. Among them, Text to image generation task is a popular cross modal generation task, which aims to generate an image corresponding to a given text.

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