Alibaba Cloud Container Service ACK product technology trends

Machine service ACK Feature: The ACK Kube Scheduler supports customized parameter configuration. The default scheduler of the ACK Pro cluster is the kube-scheduler component. Now it supports customized parameter configuration and binpack and other related policy configurations. You can operate in component management.

Practice of fully automated GitOps delivery based on ACK One and ACR

This article describes how to build an application GitOps fully automated delivery pipeline on the ACK One instance.

ASM gateway supports the creation of HTTPS type listening on SLB side

The ASM gateway provides HTTPS security support and certificate dynamic loading to improve the security of the ASM gateway. In addition to binding certificates on the ASM gateway side, certificates can also be managed on the load balancing side. This article describes how to support ASM gateway service to bind certificates on the load balancing side and create HTTPS type listening.

How to use traffic mirroring across clusters based on intra-cluster service layer and grid layer

Traffic mirroring is primarily used to be able to test services with actual production traffic without affecting the end clients in any way. In practice, mirroring production traffic to a test cluster, whether in production or non-production, is a very effective way to reduce the risk of new deployments.

Fluid supports sub-datasets

Of course, with the deepening of the use of Fluid, there are also different requirements. One of the common requirements of the community: 1. Dataset cache can be accessed across namespaces 2. Only users are allowed to access a certain subdirectory of the dataset, especially JuiceFS users, they tend to use Dataset to point to the root directory of JuiceFS.

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