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ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

High security level, more stable, 5x performance improvement.
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  • Instance:MySQL 2C4G
  • User type: The first purchase users
  • Receive quantity: 1 instance
  • Enhanced System Disk: 20GB
    MySQL 5.7/8.0 mysql.n2.medium.1
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

2C4G 1 Month

ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

An on-demand database hosting service for SQL Server with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.
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  • Instance: SQL Server 2C4G
  • User type: New registered enterprises
  • System Disk: 20 GB Storage
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

2C4G 2 Months

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

For personal learning tests, compatible with PostgreSQL and Oracle's real-time data warehouse.Learn More>

  • Instance: Elastic Storage Mode 4C32G
  • User type: The first purchase enterprise
  • Receive quantity: 1 instance
  • System Disk: 50GB
  • Nodes: 4 Nodes
  • Edition: High availability
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

4C32G 1 Month

ApsaraDB for MongoDB

Supports the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures and widely used for Internet, IOT, gaming, Finance, and other scenarios.Learn More>

  • Instance:MongoDB 4.0/4.2 1C2G
  • User type:New registered user
  • Storage:20GB
  • Nodes: 3 Nodes
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

1C2G 1 Month

ApsaraDB for Redis

A key value database service, applied for high-performance Web applications.Learn More>

  • Instance:1GB Community Edition
  • User type:New registered user
  • Type:High Availability
  • Replicas: 2 Replicas
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

1GB 1 Month


Fully compatible with Redis, the most popular KV caching service.Learn More>

  • Instance:1GB Performance-enhanced
  • User type:New registered user
  • Type:High Availability
  • Replicas: 2 Replicas
    This free tier is not available in UAE, SAU.

1GB 1 Month

Tailored Solutions

Alibaba Cloud provides the cloud-native workflow from the initial loan application to data analytics. Offload database management to the cloud saves time and money. The scalability and security we provide are essential for your online applications.

For the loan business, we can store the borrower's profiles and needs, carry out precision marketing with less marketing expenses, and achieve more efficient capabilities, with more applications handling per day.

With AnalyticDB, you can observe and control risks after user login to protect against any abusive registration, malicious login, abnormal browsing, bot attacking, and suspicious transaction. By collecting user data, you can create a decision engine to set up backlist, whitelist, rules, models, and variable features, so it can efficiently handle fraud scenarios, such as account takeover and promotion abuse. You can also mitigate your account risk with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and a tagging/notifying mechanism.

Solutions for Traffic Bursts

Database capacity often becomes a bottleneck for business growth during promotions and events.

Our flexible cloud database solutions are designed to deal with concurrent access pressure during traffic bursts. It takes 5 minutes (at most) to add read-only nodes to ApsaraDB for PolarDB and no more than 15 minutes to change the node configurations. You do not need to purchase expensive high-configuration databases in advance. When the players' access traffic exceeds the database capacity, you can quickly upgrade the database configurations to ensure smooth game operation. After the business traffic decline, the game enters the stable operation period. You can quickly downgrade the database configurations to ensure that your database architecture remains cost-effective.

Solutions for Server Merges

Server merge is usually required for multi-DB games during the stable operation period to reduce application and database costs and improve players' game experience.

Our cloud database solution can help you with server merges. It supports migrating data between different popular database instances in the gaming industry, such as MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis. Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service (DTS) helps ensure secure and reliable data transmission including schema migration, full migration, and incremental migration. The performance of full data migration can reach 70 Mbit/s and 200,000 TPS during peak hours. During maintenance, you only need to switch the data link strings, which reduces the time required for business migration. Throttling, 24/7 data accuracy validation, and failover can be applied during the migration, without affecting your business. DTS also supports resumable transmission.

As the data processing hub, Alibaba Cloud Data Lake Analytics (DLA) enables join queries for database instances of different servers through the standard Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, which helps identify possible conflicts between player data after a server merge.

✓ Superior Performance
✓ Easy-to-Use
✓ Stable and Reliable
✓ Flexible Scalability

✓ Distributed
✓ Machine Learning and Analysis
✓ Data Integration
✓ FSecurity
✓ Hybrid Analytics

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