Alibaba Cloud Short Message Service (SMS) provides the Quick Start feature that allows you to experience message sending in the console.


Before you send SMS messages to mainland China, message signatures and templates are approved.


  1. Log on to the SMS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Quick Start.
  3. Send a test message.

    You can send the message to mainland China or a region outside mainland China. For more information about codes of different countries and regions, see Country codes. If you want to send the message to mainland China, enter the country code 86.

    • Send the message to a region outside mainland China
      1. Enter a country code and mobile number.
      2. Optional. Specify the SenderID parameter.
      3. Specify the Message parameter.
      4. Click Send.
    • Send the message to mainland China
      1. Enter the country code 86.
      2. Enter a mobile number.
      3. Specify the Signature parameter.
      4. Specify the Content parameter.
      5. Click Send.