Alibaba Cloud Container Service Distro

A Kubernetes distribution that Alibaba Cloud develops for heterogeneous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments

A secure and free Kubernetes distribution that passed the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program

Alibaba Cloud Container Service Distro (ACK Distro) is a Kubernetes distribution that Alibaba Cloud develops for heterogeneous IaaS environments. ACK Distro uses Container Registry to provide cluster images and long-term technical support free of charge. The key components of ACK Distro are verified by Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Alibaba Group, and ensure security and stability for workloads in large-scale production environments.

Agility and Ease of Use

ACK Distro is deeply integrated with sealer to manage cluster lifecycles. ACK Distro can automatically deploy, scale in or out, and upgrade clusters within a few minutes.

Consistent Experience

You can use ACK to manage ACK Distro clusters. This allows you to share the resource management, policy compliance, traffic control, and application deployment capabilities of ACK with ACK Distro clusters. In addition, application solutions supported by public cloud ACK can be deployed in ACK Distro clusters.

Great Compatibility

The key components of ACK Distro support both X86 and Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) architectures. ACK Distro uses network plugin hybridnet to run on top of various types of infrastructure.


Cluster Management

Supports multiple deployment modes such as single-node deployment and three-node deployment. Single-node deployment does not ensure high availability, whereas three-node deployment ensures high availability. Supports various IaaS services, operating systems, and CPU architectures.

Allows you to use ACK or Alibaba Cloud Container Service Agility to manage ACK Distro clusters.

Supports environment precheck, node scaling, and node replacement.

High-performance Networks

Supports underlay networks, overlay networks, and hybrid deployment.

Allows you to connect an overlay network to an underlay network.

Provides flexible IP address management methods and comprehensive audit of network resources, and supports dynamic scaling of CIDR blocks and IP address preservation.

Local Storage Management

Supports storage scheduling algorithms and operations such as the creation, snapshot generation, and scale-out of dynamically provisioned persistent volumes (PVs).

Compatible with various storage media, such as solid-state disk (SSD), NVM Express (NVMe), and hard disk drive (HDD).

Provides disk partitioning capabilities and disk types such as single disks and dedicated disks to meet different business requirements.




Basic components

Basic Kubernetes components, such as apiserver, scheduler, controller-manager, kubelet, kube-proxy, coredns, metrics-server, kubectl, and kubeadm.

Container runtimes

Runtimes such as docker, containerd, and nvidia-docker.

Installation tool

sealer, which is open sourced.

Network plugin

hybridnet, which is open sourced and supports underlay networks and overlay networks.

Local storage plugin

open-local, which is open sourced and supports local disk scheduling.


ACK Distro integrates with basic Kubernetes components, several container runtimes, and etcd. ACK Distro also provides a network plugin, a local storage plugin, and tools for cluster inspection and O&M.

You can use ACK Distro to create Kubernetes clusters that use the same sources as in ACK with efficiency. This way, you can verify whether the clusters can properly run in non-commercial scenarios, such as development environments. You can also use ACK or Alibaba Cloud Container Service Agility to manage the clusters.


Quick deployment: Allows you to implement the automatic deployment of a cluster and install relevant components by using only one command.

Comprehensive tool provision: Integrates with core Kubernetes components and provides scaffold capabilities to help you build practical and appropriate clusters.

Support for the Kubernetes ecosystem: Passed the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program, and is compatible with ACK, Alibaba Cloud Container Service Agility, and third-party O&M platforms.

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