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Billing methods

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Alibaba Cloud Function Compute is billed on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. The fee consists of three parts and the Internet Traffic Fee is optional. Users are only charged for the Internet Traffic Fee when using the Internet to transfer function data.

Total Fee = Request Fee + Duration Fee + Public Network Traffic Fee (optional)

Function Compute cost calculator

Free Tier

The free tier is shared by the primary account and subaccount.

Requests: The first one million calls per month are free of charge.

Duration: The first 400,000 GB-seconds per month are free of charge.

Note: Free calls and execution duration are automatically cleared at the beginning of each calendar month, rather than accrued to the next month.

Request Fee

The Request Fee indicates the total number of function calls.

  • Price: $0.2 / 1 million calls

Duration Fee

An execution duration starts when your codes begin to be run and end when the result is returned or execution is terminated. The measurement granularity is 100 milliseconds. The duration price depends on the memory size that you have allocated to functions.

  • Price: $0.00001668/GB-second

Note: The unit of duration fee is GB-second, which means that when the memory size is 1 GB, the duration is charged by the second. If your function memory size is 512 MB, the duration price is calculated as follows: $0.00001668/2 = $0.00000834/second. The duration measurement granularity is 100 milliseconds. Therefore, your execution duration is rounded up to a multiple of 100 milliseconds. For example, if your function execution duration is 1,010 milliseconds, the duration is measured as 1,100 milliseconds. Therefore, if the execution duration of a function with a 512 MB memory is 1,010 milliseconds, the execution duration fee is calculated as follows: (0.5 × 1.1) GB-second × $0.00001668/GB-second = $0.000009174.

Public Network Traffic Fee

If you have used the Internet to transfer the Function Compute data, the used Internet traffic is charged according to the Alibaba Cloud ECS Internet traffic price. For more price information, see the relevant documentation.

Public Network Traffic Fee:

Region Price (USD/GB)
Mainland China 0.125
Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) 0.117
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney) 0.130
US East 1 (Virginia) 0.078
US West 1 (Silicon Valley) 0.078
Germany 1 (Frankfurt) 0.070

Note: If you have used other Alibaba Cloud service instances in the functions, you are charged with extra fees. For example, if you have used a function to write data to Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS), or to activate a Log Service instance to store debugging information, these service instances are additionally charged.

Quick Calculation Table For Monthly Free Quota

The following table shows the free tier seconds and the approximate price per 100ms.

Memory (MB) Monthly free seconds in a package
128 3200000
192 2133333
256 1600000
320 1280000
384 1066667
448 914286
512 800000
576 711111
640 640000
704 581818
768 533333
832 492308
896 457143
960 426667
1024 400000
1088 376471
1152 355556
1216 336842
1280 320000
1344 304762
1408 290909
1472 278261
1536 266667