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Analytic DB

A cloud based OLAP data analytics service that enables big data processing to gain actionable insights

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Get critical business insights from data sourced from multiple locations, instantly processed in a highly concurrent and multi-dimensional analysis system with Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB. Analytic DB is a real-time Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) managed database cloud service that can crunch enormous amounts of data. As a fast and flexible database service, Analytic DB is compatible with MySQL protocol, including metadata information.

The Analytic DB service easily integrates into your business ecosystem to equip you with the power to discover new trends and enable business transformation based on data analysis.

Customer Testimonials

“Analytic DB helps us solve the difficulties of storing massive data and performing quick and precise queries. It gives us the capability to provide customers with complex analysis and responsive services.”



  • Processes massive amounts of data and delivers high performance through SQL multi-dimensional analysis and data filtering.

  • Performs flexible computing analysis with built-in data modeling.

Fast Response Time

  • Allows quick real-time analysis of massive amounts of data.

  • Provides exceptional processing performance by supporting large table calculations.


  • Supports standard SQL database queries such as DDL, DML and DCL.

  • Compatible with MySQL standard protocol including JDBC and ODBC.

  • Built-in support for rapid data access from multiple data storage sources.


  • Automatic indexing without requiring schema or secondary indexes.

  • Quickly exports massive amounts of data at high speed.

  • Built-in functions such as spatial computing and segmentation.

Here is a comparison of Analytic DB with other traditional OLAP engines:

Parameter Analytic DB Traditional OLAP Engines
Data usage Supports business-driven in-depth data exploration and interactive data analysis. Most engines primarily support data-driven computing modes for fixed report-type presentations.
Data scale The high-performance computing engine supports computing and analysis of massive data. The low-performance computing engine is able to support only a portion of the data for computation.
Engine capabilities Powered by distributed computing technology. Results can be computed quickly allowing free data exploration. Usually, no advance modeling is required. In most situations either query speeds are slow, or you must establish a cube or other models in advance and analyze the data based on this model.
Cost Under the Pay-As-You-Go model, you are only charged for the resources you actually use. Works on one-time payment or license purchase models.
Delivery Methods

1. Ready for use right after you apply.

2. Provides multi-tenant flexibility.

3. Database provisioning with a few clicks instantly.

Traditional software delivery methods with long purchase cycle and delayed provisioning.

Product Details

With its advanced analytics, built-in security and optimized query processing, Analytic DB enables you to achieve complex business objectives. The fast query response time of Analytic DB allows you to compute data in billions of milliseconds. Analytic DB is more scalable than standard databases—ideal for deploying business analytics, big data cloud solutions for projects, reporting and advanced analytics.

As a Pay-As-You-Go solution, you can easily integrate Analytic DB with your application to quickly analyse large amounts of data without making any huge upfront investment.


High Power Computing Capabilities

Advanced Features

  • Compatible with SQL to provide multi-dimensional analysis, data pivot, and data filtering.

  • Supports data definition, operations and control by standard SQL. For example: DDL, DML, and DCL.

  • Supports functions such as JOIN, HAVING, DISTINCT, etc.

  • Performs combined queries for any fields.

  • Supports conventional aggregation functions, as well as personalized segmentation, sampling, and other statistical functions.

Quick Export

  • Supports fast dump to transfer massive volumes of data to another system in the cloud.

  • Offers high dump speed of over 1 million lines per second.

High Performance

  • Pivots billions of data bytes in multiple dimensions.

  • Supports contextual computing for multiple large tables within milliseconds.

  • Creates most suitable index format for each data column using fully automated functions.

  • The computing engine intelligently optimizes user queries to enhance performance and reduce cost.

Availability Assurance

  • Provides high availability and redundancy with multi copy data storage options, and dynamic resource management mechanisms.


  • Implements permission management mechanism to ensure data security.

  • Utilizes public/private key mechanism to enhance data security.


Compatible with MySQL

  • Fully compatible with MySQL protocol (including data element information).

  • Provides inherent compatibility with commercial analysis tools and applications.

  • Offers built-in support for fast access to data source for various types of data.

  • Reduces cost to access service systems and business software.


  • Offers easy-to-use graphical management console, comprehensive documentation, manuals and quick start guides.

  • Flexible billing methods where you only pay for the resources used.

Special Functions

  • You can use the geographic LBI function to circle geographic coordinate data without depending on spatial indexes.

  • Offers built-in dynamic segmentation, rapid aggregation and other functions to facilitate the development of OLAP server based applications.

Application Scenarios

Analytic DB is a real-time online analytical processing service (OLAP) that enables you to process and analyze several hundred billion bytes of data from different dimensions within milliseconds. Below we describe a few common use case scenarios.

Traditional Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Engines

This is suitable for enterprises which require business intelligence solutions for data which is in the cloud. You can migrate massive volumes of data to Analytic DB, a cloud based data analytics service to analyze your business operations.

Recommended Configuration: Analytic DB + Object Storage Service + Data Integration


  • Provides super-fast Relational Online Analytical Processing (ROLAP) solutions

  • Compatible with traditional BI report tools

  • Reduces extra costs for enterprise migration and procurement

Big Data Driven Service Systems

This is suitable for frontend service systems in which big data queries can be directly embedded to get insightful data for business processes. You can use this with Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute (Big Data processing engine) for offline computing or MaxCompute streaming for stream computing.

Recommended Configuration: Analytic DB + MaxCompute


  • You can process data to get business-critical insights.

  • Provides a range of analysis functions which can be called by the service system.

For Centralized, Low-latency Business Intelligence Model

Supports enterprises systems such as Business Intelligence systems (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Data Management Platforms (DMP), data report products and other SaaS projects.

Recommended Configuration: Analytic DB + ODPS


  • Supports stable product operation.

  • Delivers excellent user experience even as data continues to grow.

Getting Started

With its advanced analytics and data mining solutions, built-in security and optimized query processing, Analytic DB enables you to achieve complex business objectives. The fast query response time of Analytic DB allows you to calculate data in billions of milliseconds. Analytic DB is more scalable than standard databases—ideal for deploying business analytics, big data cloud solutions for projects, reporting and advanced analytics.

You can access Analytic DB, a cloud based data analytics service via Alibaba Cloud Management Console, CLI, APIs and SDKs to provision and manage your databases.

Using Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB through Management Console

The Alibaba Cloud Management Console provides a simple web-based user interface to access and configure the Analytic DB resources. You can create and modify database instances, change the capacity of the resources and take various backups. The Quick Start Guide provides a step-by-step direction on how to get started with a few clicks.

Using Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB via CLI

Analytic DB CLI gives you the flexibility to use Analytic DB resources and manage them programmatically through a command line interface. You can download and install the Analytic DB CLI package to enable the service.


Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB is a real-time Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) managed database service in the cloud which can crunch enormous amounts of data. Analytic DB is more scalable than standard databases—ideal for deploying business analytics, big data projects and data mining solutions, reporting and advanced analytics.

Leverage the benefits of Analytic DB using Alibaba Cloud Management Console and documentation. Below are the links to the documentation, SDKs, and other resources.

Developer Resources


1. Is Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB a highly available service?

Every component of Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB always has, at least, two sets of workable versions. Hence, Analytic DB is always available even if a single machine fails or during the release of new Analytic DB version.

2. How can I use Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB while running my service on cloud?

Your frontend service systems hosted on Alibaba Cloud (such as websites on ECS) can be easily connected to Analytic DB for data query through standard MySQL client. Use MaxCompute to import data into Analytic DB. From MaxCompute, you can easily import data into Analytic DB through built-in data pipeline function.

3. What are the differences between Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB, MaxCompute and Relational Database Services?

Analytic DB MaxCompute RDS
On-demand cloud database. Offline mass data operation service applicable to offline computing. RDS is an OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing) database.
Can be directly connected to your analytic systems. Not directly connected to your service. Can be connected to your services.
Capacity to process large amounts of data (10 billion pieces, a maximum of dozens of TB) within milliseconds. Capacity to process large volumes of data (PB level, trillions of pieces) or complex algorithm models that do not have real-time processing requirements. Does not handle large volumes of data. Mainly used for transaction processing (CRUD, create, retrieve, update, and delete) .

4. How does Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB keep my data secure?

Alibaba Cloud Analytic DB supports authorization at the table or column level, which can be controlled at each level. Analytic DB adheres to the advanced security technology standards designed and maintained within Alibaba Cloud, so your data is safe and cannot be viewed by anyone without authorization.