New Features

MaxCompute - Supports More Built-in Functions

Oct 30 2020

MaxCompute supports the WIDTH_BUCKET function. Time functions, such as YEAR, QUARTER, and MONTH, support input parameters of the DATETIME type.

Target customers: developers and data analysts. Features released: MaxCompute supports the WIDTH_BUCKET function. This function specifies the number of buckets and the minimum and maximum values of a bucket. It allows you to construct equi-width buckets, in which the bucket range is divided into intervals that have an identical size. It returns the ID of the bucket into which a specific field value falls. Time functions support input parameters of the DATETIME type. The functions include YEAR, QUARTER, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND. The following built-in functions are added: • INT year(datetime date) • INT quarter(datetime date) • INT month(datetime date) • INT day(datetime date) • INT hour(datetime date) • INT minute(datetime date) • INT second(datetime date)

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