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Notes on lifecycle configuration

Last Updated: May 26, 2020

DBS offers features such as full backup, incremental backup, and data recovery. You can configure the lifecycle of backup sets so that DBS automatically transfers backup sets to other types of storage and deletes expired backups based on your settings.

Notes on lifecycle configuration

  • Backup sets can be retained for a maximum of 1,825 days.

  • If you modify the lifecycle settings after you have created a backup plan, the new settings will apply to existing and newly generated backup sets.

  • The lifecycle of backup sets must meet the following requirement: Total retention days > Archived storage days > Infrequent Access storage days.

  • The backup sets must first be stored in OSS Standard storage.

  • If you do not want to transfer backup sets to Infrequent Access storage or Archived storage, you can enter 0 for these two settings.

  • DBS will automatically transfer backup sets and delete expired backups based on your settings.