The lifecycle of a backup set is the retention period of backup data that is stored in Database Backup (DBS). DBS dumps and clears backup sets based on the lifecycle rules that you specify. This topic describes lifecycle rules and how to manage lifecycle rules of backup sets.

Lifecycle rules

  • The lifecycle of a backup set ranges from 7 days to 3,650 days (10 years). DBS automatically deletes the expired backup sets that meet a specific condition of DBS.
    Note The condition is that the expired backup schedule has a minimum of three full backup sets. If this condition is not met, DBS does not delete the expired backup sets.
  • If you modify lifecycle rules after you create a backup schedule, the modified lifecycle rules apply to existing and newly generated backup sets.
  • The lifecycle rules for Object Storage Service (OSS) backup sets: Total retention days > Cold Archive storage days > Infrequent Access (IA) storage days.
    Note If you do not want to dump backup sets to IA storage or Cold Archive storage, you can enter 0 for these two settings. The value of 0 indicates that the specified backup sets are not dumped to IA storage or Cold Archive storage.

Modify and apply lifecycle rules

For more information, see Modify and apply a backup policy.