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How to find backup files in OSS

Last Updated: May 26, 2020

DBS supports backing up databases to OSS. This section describes the details of backup files in OSS.

Notes on storing backups in OSS

  1. You can use existing OSS buckets or create new OSS buckets to store DBS backup files.
  2. DBS automatically generates backup file paths.
  3. You can use single or multiple OSS buckets to store the backup files from multiple backup plans.


  1. Log on to the DBS console and click create backup plan in the upper-right corner to create a backup plan. After a backup plan has been created, go to the Backup Plans list and click set backup plan to go to the configuration page of your backup plan. You can specify the OSS bucket to store your backup files as follows:

  2. Log on to the DBS console, select your backup plan and click manage to go the configuration page. You can find the OSS bucket that is used to store backup files in basic. Click the OSS bucket to view backup file details.