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We are committed to providing reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing products and services.

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Security & Privacy Compliance

Alibaba Cloud adopts industry standards and best practices and strives to meet the requirements of both international and domestic markets. Learn more about our compliance program.

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Cloud Compliance Resources

In addition to the compliance program, Alibaba Cloud provides user guides, best practices, whitepapers, and workbooks with various compliance scenarios as references.

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Security Compliance FAQs

Alibaba Cloud consolidated frequently asked questions associated with data security and privacy issues on the cloud. Learn more about our responses to FAQs.

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Country-Specific Regulatory Compliance

Learn more about country/region-specific regulatory requirements and Alibaba Cloud’s capabilities and past experiences in addressing compliance risks.

Security Compliance Enablers

Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection

A security service that discovers, classifies, and protects sensitive data

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Compliance Repository

A repository for customers to download compliance documents and manage compliance-related agreements

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Cloud Config

A configuration audit service that helps you achieve the compliance of resource configurations

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