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Achieve a sustainable future with low-carbon and energy-efficient technologies


Alibaba Cloud is committed to creating a sustainable future with innovation. Our solution helps achieve high energy efficiency and carbon neutrality goals with comprehensive energy and emission management features. These are based on leading technical capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), data intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), combined with proven expertise across energy sectors and industries. This helps you plan sustainability strategy in detail, monitor and manage energy consumption and environmental impacts, and integrate the strategy into communities.

  • Enterprise-Oriented Sustainability Solution

    This solution complies with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and other relevant standards and helps manage carbon assets, plan carbon neutrality paths, measure carbon footprints, and monitor the progress of your carbon neutral target.

  • AI-Based Energy Management

    You can easily manage energy data of electricity, water, and gas in visualized dashboards with AI-based functions (such as automatic waste detection, consumption forecast and optimization, and energy efficiency evaluation and benchmarking).

  • Customizable Low Carbon Community

    You can integrate carbon inclusiveness into the daily behaviors of your community members by customizing a low-carbon or net-zero community with green action guidelines and regulations to promote social-oriented sustainability.

Alibaba Group Team Up With Master Kong to Cut Plastic Waste

Alibaba Group collaborated with Master Kong to recycle plastic packaging into rPET pellets, which are then turned into storage boxes. Energy Expert monitored and recorded the carbon emission savings during the whole process, with the results showing that the carbon footprint of each rPET storage box was 21% smaller than boxes made from virgin PET material.

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Sustainability Reports

Alibaba Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2023

For Alibaba, a company born with social responsibility in its DNA, ESG is the bridge connecting to a long-term and sustainable future. This ESG report shares periodic updates on Alibaba's goals, actions, and progress. Alibaba believes digitalization can bring connectivity and synergy and uniquely drive enterprises toward a better, fairer, and more sustainable future.

Paving the Path to a Sustainable Future - Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine Issue 12

Alibaba Cloud is a leading provider of cloud computing and artificial intelligence solutions that has been committed to supporting innovation for sustainable development. This issue of e-Magazine will introduce our recent initiatives for sustainable development and achievements in terms of carbon neutrality, digital talents cultivation and technology inclusion.

Start Your Sustainability Journey with Alibaba Cloud Energy Expert

Manage Emissions with Carbon Vision
Carbon Vision provides a one-stop visualized platform for public sectors and enterprises to easily monitor key carbon emission factors and accurately report emissions with real-time analysis. You can run simulations based on the analysis to estimate region and industry-specific emissions and set carbon emission targets and regulations according to simulation results to lay out your path to carbon neutrality.
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Save Energy and Cut Emissions with Energy Expert
Energy Expert helps enterprises and large communities to plan, manage, and reduce energy consumption, and trace, calculate, and regulate carbon emissions. You can run a diagnosis on energy consumption and efficiency and generate forecasts for trends across the energy value chain to support decision-making for energy saving. The industry-savvy Carbon Footprint feature provides accurate calculation and optimization suggestions to cut carbon emissions to the minimum.
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Reduce the Social Cost of Carbon with Low-Carbon Community
Sustainable development relies on communities and individuals. You can customize a low-carbon community that offers a carbon ledger for each community member, encourages low-carbon activities on the personal level with quantifiable standards and executable green guidelines, and promotes carbon neutrality among all members through social features to reduce the social costs of carbon (SCC) within your community.
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Alibaba Cloud Energy Expert Enables Sustainability for Enterprises

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Shape the Future of Sustainable Logistics with EasyDispatch and Energy Expert

5G MAX PTE LTD and other logistics customers of Alibaba Cloud leverage our intelligent logistics management platform, EasyDispatch, which is now integrated with the carbon monitoring and analysis capabilities of Energy Expert, to achieve highly efficient logistics management and carbon reduction goals.

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Efficient Logistics Optimization

5G MAX PTE LTD leveraged EasyDispatch’s real-time dispatching and vehicle route planning capabilities to improve logistics efficiency and performance, and successfully processed 550,000 orders in 7 months with 10,000 concurrent orders processed simultaneously.

Carbon Monitoring and Analysis for Logistics

Carbon emissions of each logistics task are monitored and analyzed by Energy Expert in real-time based on logistics information from EasyDispatch - such as region and regional order quantity - to provide accurate and quantified insights of carbon footprint, and facilitate agile carbon strategy adjustment.

Unified Carbon Reduction

The detailed analysis of logistics carbon emissions in Energy Expert such as trend graphs and scope status can be used in conjunction with EasyDispatch, so logistics enterprises can weigh the factors of carbon reduction and business development, balancing sustainable logistics with carbon neutrality goals.

Customer Success Stories

"Energy Expert has helped us simplify the process, reduce errors, and prepare for a compliance exercise that we will be undertaking."


UEM Edgenta Berhad is an asset management and infrastructure solutions company. They use Energy Expert to count and measure emissions and carbon footprint, set targets to reduce emissions, and implement ESG strategy. With the support and knowledge sharing and creation from Alibaba Cloud, UEM will integrate Energy Expert into AssetTool (their system) and provide services to clients to help them understand their emission footprint and what they can do to reduce that overall footprint.

"Energy Expert helps enterprises run their HVAC more efficiently through self-learning energy-saving algorithms, cutting energy use by roughly 10%. By the end of March 2022, nearly 1,700 companies had started to use Energy Expert."

– Alibaba Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2022

Alibaba Xixi Park runs with 100% digitalized operations. Based on this, Energy Expert helps the park control the air conditioning through deep reinforcement learning algorithms to cut power consumption by 17% and achieves a 95% accuracy in electricity consumption forecast based on the accuracy load forecasting model, helping the park balance annual power consumption. The park also applies a non-busy time energy optimization strategy to the daily operations through Energy Expert and successfully reduces 30% of energy consumption from the lighting system.

Alibaba Cloud provides technology and operations support to help the China Academy of Art (CAA) develop a low-carbon campus. Together, Alibaba Cloud and CAA designed a solution plan to integrate the idea of low carbon as fashion into campus lifestyle, utility services, and daily operations and leverage Low Carbon Community to promote voluntary emission reduction to each individual and increase social inclusion with carbon reduction benefits. After a 30-day trial, the plan attracted over 29,000 visits to the low-carbon campus mobile app and resulted in a voluntary emission reduction of 3.94kg per capita. The low carbon campus plan was nominated at the World Summit on the Information Society Prizes 2022 for its contribution to carbon neutrality.

Alibaba Cloud Supports Sustainable Development With Innovation

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