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AGROTQ: The Internet of Farming

This project is from team Cloud_Hacks, which was awarded with the Second Prize in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023.

This project is from team Cloud_Hacks, which was awarded with the Second Prize in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023

Project Introduction


AGROTQ Problem Statement on Farming

During farming, farmers face numerous concerns such as natural disasters, inadequate rainfall, and crop diseases that take a long time to identify and recover from. Moreover, they do not have any insurance coverage for losses.

Post Farming

The supply chain structure currently being implemented is not really beneficial to the farmers, even though they are the key players in the entire process. The average return that a farmer gets for their product is very low.

Future Farming

Due to the lack of coverage, the next generation is not relying on agriculture and is moving to other work. As the population increases but the number of farmers decreases, it becomes difficult to produce the expected quantity of food based on the locality. This forces people to migrate from one city to another.

To address this issue, we have come up with a smart agriculture solution that can save resources and increase the quantity and quality of food.

For Additional Details:

Project Value


By removing agents and putting the source farmers at the forefront of the business, maximum profit can be directly credited to them. E-commerce platforms can collect and provide products based on locality and distribute them to customers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In each locality, there can be a farmer community and farmer care support. Large customers can place pre-booked bulk orders with their delivery date and a limited advance payment. Small farmers and home makers who have less land can be introduced to terrace farming or pool farming, where unused lands can be shared among people for farming multiple products. This way, the landowner can receive a certain amount of product by leasing the area, and the farmers will not be denied the opportunity to build products due to lack of sufficient land. Monthly insurance can be provided to farmers, similar to other sectors, so that if a natural disaster occurs, the amount for their loss can be distributed.

Social Value

Transparency in business can be ensured since products are delivered directly to the customer and orders are made directly to the producer. This can promote homegrown goods and organic farming, ensuring growth in the environment. Farmers can be uplifted by getting them the maximum profit percentage. The next generation will adopt agriculture practices, and as the population rises, so will the farmers. Homemakers and senior citizens can benefit from becoming entrepreneurs by engaging in activities such as terrace gardening, selling dairy products, pickles, and more from their own homes. By having a blog site, farmers can easily find solutions for affected crops, saving time and cost. In the future, cryptocurrencies can be used instead of currency


This product is designed to provide farmers and customers with high-end, advanced technology that ensures their supply needs are met correctly within the timeframe and that the quality of the goods provided is top-notch, using Alibaba Cloud Products.

Farmer portal: The farmer portal includes a Farm View Dashboard that analyzes and displays all farm data, such as soil quality, temperature, and humidity. Farmers can use this information to determine the necessary cultivation practices to meet demand, or they can sell their pre-made or homegrown products, which are market-ready. Based on the high demand, products can be equally divided among different farmers in the same or nearby locality, and fixed quality control guidelines can be established. Farmers can also search for queries on the blog site and upload their ideas. If a customer requests a bulk order from an organization or based on locality, and a farmer rejects it, the request will be routed to another farmer nearby to the customer through an alert.


Customer Portal: The Customer Portal will be accessible to registered users, who can purchase products based on their priority and pre-book required orders from large farmer communities for bulk orders. Customers can also rate the products delivered and the farmers who produced them.


Organization Portal: The Organization Portal allows organizations to contract with farms based on their product requirements. If an organization signs a contract with a farmer, they can also view the farmer's farm data analytics dashboard to assess the condition of the land.

Blog Portal: In the Blog Portal, experts and farmers can upload blogs based on their past experiences in farming, such as dealing with diseases and how to overcome them, which can help the upcoming generation increase the quality of food.


Hiring Portal: Farmers & Agri Internships from nearby localities searching for farming-related work can apply here


Green Donation Portal: Made for everyone to contribute to changing the world to green due to carbon emission, A small step from AGROTQ! Occasions like birthday, marriage, or anniversary if you wish to contribute plants or amount you can donate here


Technology Highlights

Edge Computing:

Predictive analytics can help farmers to make decisions about future plans regarding crop production, storage, marketing techniques, and risk management. They can also use energy-saving applications such as wind power and solar power, which are less polluting. Farmers can monitor farmland with the help of sensors, agricultural drones, autonomous vehicles, and control systems. If the cost of these devices is high, they can opt for easy payment plans with no EMI.

AI Image Search:

If drone images capture any affected crops, AI image search can find solutions for the crops by analyzing old records. Additionally, if a farmer finds a solution to a specific disease, they can write a blog with attached tags and images. Drone monitoring helps large farms reduce monitoring costs, as data collected from these drones are sent back to the server for analysis and decision-making on the edge node. Weather monitoring can also monitor temperature, humidity, light intensity, and soil moisture.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

About the Developer

Ms. Josifha Ashmi J, MVP of Alibaba Cloud, completed a Bachelor of Engineering (2020) in the specialization of Computer Science and Engineering from St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering, Nagercoil. She is currently working as a System Engineer at TCS, Chennai. She has experiences as a Software Developer in the Cloud, implementation of Web application development, exploring cloud products & creating demos, and is an active writer of Alibaba Cloud on Quora and blogger.com.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josifha-ashmi-j-1770b4193/

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