Analyze your cost and cloud consumption in real-time to realize cost savings with the Alibaba Cloud Financial Operations (FinOps) solution


Alibaba Cloud supports FinOps by helping you implement fine-grained cost analysis in multi-cloud environments and providing valuable insights for optimal spending decisions.

Cost Analysis By Cluster

You can perform a cluster-level cost analysis such as daily/weekly/monthly cost classifications, the cost proportion by namespace, request and usage utilization, and cost trends, to optimize the costs of your Kubernetes containers.

Cost Analysis By Namespace

You can perform a namespace-level cost analysis such as CPU/memory request utilization, cost by a specific namespace, top resource requests and usage ordered by pods, and cost trends.

Cost Analysis By NodePool

You can perform a NodePool-level cost analysis such as proportions of node charge types (including pay-as-you-go, subscription, and Spot instances) and cost trends to optimize expenses on your nodes.

Cost Analysis By Application

You can perform an application-level cost analysis such as cost by application label and detailed billing per pod, and view individual bills by date, product type, payment type, number of instances, and the amount of tax paid in the dashboard, to improve the cost-effectiveness of your applications.

Cluster Upgrade Check

ACK runs a pre-check task automatically to detect possible issues that may affect a cluster upgrade process. The pre-check includes multiple check items to ensure the upgrade can be completed without disruptions. The pre-check fails if your cluster contains configuration errors or potential risks.

Multi-Cloud Bill Control

You can leverage the third-party service, OptScale, to manage costs on different resources such as virtual machines and volumes in hybrid clouds. You can classify and view costs using geographical region dashboards, and monitor costs across timeframes to get multi-dimensional cost distribution information in real time.

Solution Highlights

  • A Leader in Public Cloud Container Platforms

    Accelerate container-based application development and O&M for the global market based on Alibaba Cloud’s full-stack cloud-native capabilities, with proven experience recognized by The Forrester Wave™

  • Free Multi-Granularity Cost Analysis

    Customize cost analysis by clusters, resource pools, and applications to achieve accurate cost analysis in dynamic cloud-native environments

  • Comprehensive Cost Optimization

    Achieve optimal cost strategy with resource combinations and payment methods adjusted to factors such as instance types, resource occupancy, and service time

  • Centralized Billing for Hybrid Cloud

    Visualize costs of different cloud vendors, helping you monitor and identify expenditure by location, time, and resource type

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We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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