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Short Message Service (SMS) helps enterprises worldwide build channels to reach their customers with user-friendly, efficient, and intelligent communication capabilities.

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Efficient Communication Channels between Customers and Enterprises

SMS provides a feature of sending multiple messages at a time and various API operations. You can use SMS to send one-time password (OTP) messages, notification messages, and promotional messages to customers in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

You can also provide customized messages for customers based on your user profile database to improve user experience and conversion rate.

Intelligent Scheduling

SMS selects the best route based on the throughput and delivery success rate in real time. This way, messages can be sent at the scheduled points in time.

Controllable Message Sending

SMS allows you to limit the total number of messages sent to multiple customers per day to minimize unexpected resource consumption. You can also limit the number of messages sent to a single customer to prevent unnecessary disturbances.

Secure API Calls

SMS provides identity authentication for both Alibaba Cloud accounts and Resource Access Management (RAM) users. This ensures that only you can call API operations to manage the resources that you create.


High Concurrency

Supports multiple queues to ensure that requests are received and processed at the earliest opportunity.

Intelligent Sending

Sorts SMS messages based on their quality of service (QoS) levels. This ensures that high-priority SMS messages can be delivered at the earliest opportunity. For example, OTP messages have a higher priority than promotional messages.

Message Analysis

Allows you to view various metrics, such as the number of requests, the number of sent messages, the number of failed messages, and the trial status of resource plans.

Diversified Message Text Formats

Supports mobile terminated (MT) messages and URLs, and provides text formats of OTP messages, notification messages, and promotional messages for different scenarios.

Super-long Messages

Divides a message longer than 140 bytes into multiple short messages and then reassembles the messages in the terminal.

Allocated Sender IDs

Allocates sender IDs for free. You do not need to apply for a sender ID.

Simple Integration Requiring No O&M

Allows you to send a message to 1,000 phone numbers at a time in an API request. Five programming languages are supported, including Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, and C#.

Asynchronous Notifications

Sends notifications to a callback URL when a task is complete in the backend. This reduces the unnecessary polling requests from the frontend to the backend.


OTP Messages

User identities can be verified to prevent malicious registration. This ensures business security.

Multiple languages are supported.

Message variables and dynamic content are provided for various business scenarios.

SMS messages are sorted based on their QoS levels. This ensures that high-priority SMS messages can be delivered at the earliest opportunity. For example, OTP messages have a higher priority than promotional messages.


  • Registration on apps or websites, secure login, payment verification, identity authentication, password reset, and account binding

Notification Messages

Notification messages can be sent in various global scenarios.

You can contact customers around the world to develop the overseas market.


  • Notifications for orders, payments, logistics, meetings, and daily life services

Promotional Messages

Promotional messages suitable for various global scenarios can be sent to help you improve brand perception and stimulate business growth.

The batch sending feature allows you to send a message to 500,000 phone numbers at the same time.


  • Product release, product promotion, member care, event invitation, and cross-border marketing

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