Container Service for Kubernetes(ACK)

A Kubernetes-based service that ensures high efficiency for enterprises by running containerized applications on the cloud

A leading container service provider in the Asian-Pacific region

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) integrates virtualization, storage, networking, and security capabilities. ACK allows you to deploy applications in high-performance and scalable containers and provides full lifecycle management of enterprise-class containerized applications.

Alibaba Cloud was one of the first vendors to pass the Kubernetes conformance certification tests globally. Alibaba Cloud offers professional support and services.

Security and Management

Security and Management

Ensures end-to-end security for applications and supports permission management within an enterprise by using Alibaba Cloud accounts and RAM users

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Helps create containers and clusters easily. Provides all-in-one lifecycle management of containerized applications

High Efficiency and Reliability

High Efficiency and Reliability

Verified by Alibaba Cloud in super-large-scale scenarios. Allows you to start a large number of containers in seconds



Enables communication between containers on different hosts. Supports VPC for high-performance networks


Supports volume management, cloud disks, and NAS file systems as volumes


Supports automatic log collection and integration with Log Service


Supports container monitoring and VM monitoring


Allows you to deploy workloads across zones to ensure high availability. Allows you to reschedule workloads off failed nodes


Allows you to forward layer 4 and layer 7 requests and bind the requests to backend containers


Supports authorizing RAM users to manage clusters


Support RBAC authorization management system

Cluster Management

Allows you to create or delete clusters in different regions based on your business requirements

Resource Management

Allows you to authorize ACK to create new ECS instances in specific clusters. Allows you to add existing ECS instances to specific clusters


Supports integration with VPCs to provide secure and high-performance deployment solutions that apply to hybrid cloud scenarios. Supports integration with SLBs to enable access to containers

High Availability

Supports affinity policies and horizontal scaling of services. Provides high availability and disaster recovery across zones


Improves your efficiency in deploying Kubernetes resources. You do not have to explore and develop Kubernetes by yourself.



Self-Managed Kubernetes

Cluster Management

You can create clusters in the console easily easily, and use GPU-accelerated instances and ECS Bare Metal instances in a cluster. You can also deploy your cluster across zones to ensure high availability.

Provides optimized OS images for Kubernetes containers. Offers Kubernetes versions and Docker versions with high stability and reinforced security..

Supports multi-cluster management and cluster federation management. You can also deploy your cluster across zones to ensure high availability.

You need to manually deploy and develop clusters by yourself.

You need to explore and develop Kubernetes by yourself.

Application Management

Supports canary releases and blue-green releases.

Supports application monitoring and auto scaling.

Provides a built-in application store that deploys applications using Helm. Provides an App Catalog to simplify service integration.

You need to explore and develop Kubernetes by yourself.

Network Management

Provides a high-performance network plug-in that is optimized for Alibaba Cloud to assign ENIs to pods. The network performance of a VPC with this plug-in is 20% higher than a regular network solution.

Supports access policies and bandwidth throttling for containers.

You need to use network plug-ins from the community for adoption.

You need to explore and develop Kubernetes by yourself.

Storage Management

Supports Alibaba Cloud cloud disks, local disks, NAS file systems, CPFS file systems, and OSS buckets. Provides CSI and FlexVolume as volume drivers.

Supports dynamic creation and volume migration.

You need to explore and develop Kubernetes by yourself.

O&M Management

Allows you to upgrade Kubernetes versions and automatically add nodes to a Kubernetes cluster.

Provides a high-performance log collection agent that can handle 100,000 requests per second.

You need to explore and develop Kubernetes by yourself.

Service Assurance

The Alibaba Cloud Technical Team provides support to ensure the stability and security of your ACK clusters.

As one of the platinum members of CNCF, Alibaba Cloud has passed the Kubernetes certification tests.

You need to build a dedicated team for your service.

Different Types of ACK Clusters

Dedicated Kubernetes

Allows you to perform more fine-grained control on the infrastructures of your clusters.


  • You need to manually create master and worker nodes.
  • You are only charged for master nodes, worker nodes, and
    other infrastructure resources.


Migrate workloads, services, and on-premises data to the cloud & Enterprise Digital Transformation

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Managed Kubernetes

You only need to create and manage worker nodes while master nodes will be managed by ACK.


  • Ease of use, low-cost, and high availability.
  • Standard-Managed Kubernetes Clusters: You are charged
    for the worker nodes and other infrastructure resources.
  • Professional-Managed Kubernetes Clusters: You are charged
    on a subscription basis or based on the number of clusters.


Website development and application hosting on the Internet

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Container Service for Kubernetes Serverless

You can directly launch applications without creating or managing any node.


  • You do not need to create master or worker nodes.
  • You are charged for the container resource usage used by
    and by duration (how long the containers have been running in


Batch tasks, sudden scale-out activities, and CI/CD tests.

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Cloud-Native Container Videos

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes Serverless

ACK · Container Elasticity

ACK · Container Intelligence Service

ACK · Observability


An optimized continuous delivery pipeline

ACK works with Jenkins to automate the DevOps pipeline from code submission to application deployment. ACK ensures that only code that passes automatic tests is submitted for deployment, and provides a better alternative to traditional delivery models that involve complex deployments and slow iterations.

ACK enables the following features:

  • Automated DevOps

    Automates the DevOps pipeline from code updates to code builds, image builds, and application deployments.

  • Consistent Environment

    Allows you to deliver code along with runtime environments based on an immutable architecture.

  • Continuous Feedback

    Provides immediate feedback after each integration and delivery.

Enables rapid application development with a focus on machine learning

Allows data engineers to deploy machine learning applications in HPC clusters easily. This way, data engineers can track tests and training, publish models in real-time, and store data in distributed storage systems. This avoids the inconvenience of application deployment and O&M and enables rapid application development with a focus on machine learning.

ACK enables the following features:

  • Quick Start and Auto Scaling

    Allows you to deploy machine learning applications easily. Starts containers in seconds and supports container auto scaling.

  • Ease of Use

    Allows you to utilize GPU capabilities and monitor GPU resources easily.

  • Deep Integration

    Seamless integration with the storage, log monitoring, and security infrastructure capabilities provided by Alibaba Cloud.

Agile development and deployment speeds up the evolution of business models

In enterprise production environments, you can split your services into microservices and store the images of the microservice applications in the Container Registry repositories. Alibaba Cloud can schedule, orchestrate, deploy, and implement canary releases for microservice applications. You only need to focus on the feature updates.

ACK enables the following features:

  • Load Balancing and Service Discovery

    Forwards layer 4 and layer 7 requests and binds the requests to backend containers.

  • Multiple Scheduling and Disaster Recovery Policies

    Supports service scheduling based on affinity settings and cross-zone deployments for high availability and disaster recovery.

  • Microservice Monitoring and Auto Scaling

    Supports microservice and container monitoring and microservice auto scaling

A unified O&M of cloud resources

You can centrally-manage the cloud and on-premises resources in the ACK console. Containers can be deployed regardless of infrastructures. You can use the same images and orchestration templates to deploy applications on the cloud and on-premises.

ACK enables the following features:

  • Application Scaling on the Cloud

    During peak hours, ACK can scale-out applications on the cloud and forward traffic to the scaled-out resources.

  • Disaster Recovery on the Cloud

    Business systems can be deployed on-premises for service provisioning and on the cloud for disaster recovery.

  • On-Premises Development and Testing

    Applications that are developed and tested on-premises can be seamlessly released to the cloud.

Scale-in or scale-out automatically based on traffic

ACK can scale the workloads automatically based on traffic. This prevents traffic spikes from bringing your system down and eliminates idle resources during off-peak hours.

ACK enables the following features:

  • Quick Response

    A scale-out event can be triggered within seconds when traffic reaches the scale-out threshold.

  • Full Automation

    The scaling process is fully-automated without human interference.

  • Low-Cost

    Containers are automatically scaled-in when traffic decreases to avoid resource waste.

Customers Success Stories

Peanut Diary

"We tried containerization for the first time in 2018 to improve the utilization of IT resources, also expecting to use container technologies to improve the overall reliability, stability, elasticity, and fault tolerance of the system. Hope to achieve more with the container technologies in the near future."

STO Express

"As one of the most rapidly developing logistics enterprises, During Double 11, the whole system was stably run on Alibaba Cloud. It stood the test of hundreds of millions of parcels and provided responses within milliseconds for tens of millions of orders."


"Alibaba Cloud has helped RedMart manage our software applications in a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Alibaba Cloud has played a pivotal role in helping us convince customers of our customer focus and commitment to be more reliable and responsive."

Perfect Diary

"We used Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes to set up a test environment quickly and ensure system stability and availability for all of our big sales and promotions. Thanks to the auto scaling feature of ACK, we reduced server costs by more than 50%."


"After migrating the data to the cloud, 3Vjia plans to migrate the production environment of the entire household industrial chain to the cloud. We aim to build the largest industrial Internet platform for the household industry in China. The cloud makes it all possible."

Onion Academy

"After Onion Academy adopted ACK, the resource usage of the system increased by 60%. ACK allows Onion Academy to isolate resources as soon as possible when an error occurs. When the business surges, Onion Academy can scale-out its system quickly to support the business."


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