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Provides network acceleration service for your Internet-facing application globally with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability.

Enhance Access Experience Globally

Global Accelerator is a network acceleration service, benefiting from the high-quality bandwidth and global transmission networks that are provided by Alibaba Cloud. Global Accelerator enables nearby access to the Internet and cross-region deployment of applications, improving the user experience of Internet services. Global Accelerator features high network quality, high security, high availability, and low latency. In addition, Global Accelerator can be activated within several minutes, making service deployment more agile.

High Availability

High Availability

Monitors the running status of applications and automatically schedules user traffic to ensure service continuity.

Robust Security

Robust Security

Allows you to set access control policies and use Alibaba Cloud security services to protect applications from attacks.

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Easy to configure and deploy. A unified monitoring and operations and maintenance system is implemented for global resources.


Superior Network Quality

Implements smart scheduling of user traffic to facilitate nearby access to the global network of Alibaba Cloud.

Nearby Network Access

Directs user traffic to the nearest acceleration node based on a static access IP or CNAME address.

Optimized Transmission Protocols

Optimized the transport layer protocols to enhance the stability and performance of network transmission.

Global Smart Routing

Routes user traffic to the optimal endpoint.

Enhanced Security

Protects Internet services from attacks and reinforces the secure access to backend services.

Fine-grained Access Control

Controls and manages security policies for user access to applications, and supports the blacklist and whitelist configurations.

Integrated Deployment with Alibaba Cloud Security Services

Collaborates with Anti-DDoS related security services of Alibaba Cloud to automatically detect attacks and switch to secured connections.

High Availability

Supports smooth upgrade and migration of your workloads to maximize service continuity.

Cross-region Deployment of Backend Applications

Provides load balancing and disaster recovery across different regions.

Health Check Mechanism

Implements a health check mechanism to monitor the availability of backend applications.

Direct Access to Application Services

Without Global Accelerator
Redirection across multiple Internet service providers (ISPs) causes latency and packet loss.


With Global Accelerator
Alibaba Cloud provides high-quality networks to ensure stable transmission. You can access application services without the need of redirection.


Purchase Methods for Global Accelerator

Global Accelerator is currently a subscription service. You can choose from the following components based on your needs and purchase in the listed order accordingly.

  • Global Accelerator instance (required)

    To use the Global Accelerator service, you must first create a Global Accelerator instance and select an acceleration capacity. (Acceleration regions, maximum bandwidth processing capability, and concurrent connections)

  • Basic bandwidth plan (required)

    Basic bandwidth plans include the following types: standard acceleration bandwidth, enhanced acceleration bandwidth, and premium acceleration bandwidth. The workload type and resources of a basic bandwidth plan vary depending on the bandwidth type.

  • Cross-border bandwidth plan (optional)

    A cross-border bandwidth plan is used with a basic bandwidth plan to achieve advanced acceleration between certain regions.

Price Tiers

Global Accelerator instance

Instance type SmallⅠ Small Ⅱ SmallⅢ Medium Ⅰ MediumⅡ MediumⅢ
Price (USD/Month) 165.00 315.00 465.00 765.00 1215.00 1515.00

Basic bandwidth plan

Type Basic acceleration bandwidth Enhanced acceleration bandwidth Premium acceleration bandwidth
Price (USD/Mbps/Month) 30.00 45.00 150.00

Cross-border bandwidth plan

Type Cross-border bandwidth
Price (USD/Mbps/Month) 75.00
Global Accelerator use cases and estimate fees
Use case Target application deployed on Alibaba Cloud Bandwidth Acceleration regions Recommended instance type Recommended basic bandwidth plan Cross-border bandwidth plan recommended Catalog price (USD/Month)
ChinaGateway application acceleration No 100 Mbit/s 5 MediumⅠ Enhanced acceleration bandwidth Yes 12,765.00
ChinaGateway enterprise application acceleration No 20 Mbit/s 2 SmallⅡ Enhanced acceleration bandwidth Yes 2,715.00
Global data synchronization acceleration No 200 Mbit/s 5 MediumⅢ Premium acceleration bandwidth No 31515.00
ChinaGateway application acceleration Yes 50 Mbit/s 3 SmallⅢ Basic acceleration bandwidth Yes 5,715.00
Global unified server acceleration Yes 100 Mbit/s 10 MediumⅢ Premium acceleration bandwidth Yes 24,015.00

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