Security, acceleration, and computing capabilities are deployed on edge nodes. With over 3200 globally distributed POPs, DCDN accelerates dynamic and static content and provides strong edge protection to defend against CC, Bot, and DDoS attacks.

Faster and more secure distribution of services around the world

DCDN provides faster and more secure edge access and edge computing capabilities for static files and dynamic requests. It distributes resources all over the world and provides strong security protection to defend against Bot, WAF, and DDoS attacks. The edge security capabilities of DCDN have been recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.


Global-Leading Edge Network

We provide the world's leading content delivery network with over 3200 globally distributed POPs. Alibaba Cloud CDN accelerates services at the edge, defends against various security attacks, and delivers content securely to all regions.

Acceleration, Security, Computing, and All-in-One

DCDN provides cloud-edge-device end-to-end acceleration, computing, and security capabilities. It effectively protects data assets in multi-cloud environments and supports any type of Internet traffic. Enhanced cloud-edge-device collaboration and adaptation to IoT scenarios make online business faster and more secure.

Websocket and TCP/UDP Acceleration

DCDN supports both WebSocket acceleration and TCP/UDP acceleration at Layer 4 to adapt to different business scenarios. This way, DCDN builds efficient basic transmission links for enterprises to accelerate network transmission with high reliability and low latency.

Ubiquitous Edge Computing

Alibaba Cloud provides computing close to end users and auto-scaling serverless computing capabilities. You do not need to care about the underlying server infrastructure such as CPU, memory, and operating system, and can store the computed data at the edge for users to access. This improves the average performance by more than 50%.

Edge Security Protection

DCDN protects edge networks and applications by providing edge security capabilities such as edge WAF, Anti-DDoS, and Anti-bot. This protects your content from malicious crawling, hijacking, and tampering and ensures secure content delivery acceleration.

Efficient management and DevOps

It is an all-in-one solution to meet the requirements of edge acceleration, computing, WAF, and defense against DDoS and CC attacks. It provides an easy-to-use management console and supports API integration, Terraform operation orchestration, programmability, and observability. It is easy-to-use, improving service delivery efficiency.


Provides a stable and low-latency 4/7 layer global acceleration network
Globally distributed POPs: With over 3,200 globally distributed POPs, Alibaba Cloud DCDN has a total bandwidth capacity of up to 180 Tbit/s, which can cater to 100 million concurrent queries per second (QPS) and provide reliable acceleration services.
Acceleration of static and dynamic content: Identifies dynamic and static content automatically. Dynamic content is transmitted to the origin based on intelligent routing. This feature is designed for hybrid dynamic and static content and applications.
Layer-4 IP application acceleration: DCDN uses TCP and UDP to build efficient transmission links for enterprises, provides highly reliable and low-latency network transmission acceleration, and supports custom ports and protocols.
WebSocket acceleration: WebSocket enables full-duplex communication between client and server, making data exchange between the two sides easier.
Protect edge network and application security
Edge DDoS: provides network layer DDoS protection, ensuring the security of the orgin and edge services while accelerating, with a total global protection bandwidth of over 10 Tbps.
Edge WAF: effectively defends against various OWASP and common web attacks, protect website from data leakage, and ensures business security and availability.
Bot management: using AI intelligent defense, cloud-based collaborative defense, bot behavior analysis, and custom rule settings, DCDN intelligently distinguishes between normal and Bot requests, detects and blocks malicious Bot traffic.
Frequency control: unique frequency control engine, which can intercept malicious traffic based on default policies or custom policies, ensuring smooth business and effective protection against CC attacks.
Protecting website content from being tampered with
HTTPS encrypted transmission: DCDN uses HTTPS to build a fully secure transmission from the user to DCDN, and to the origin, effectively preventing eavesdropping, tampering and hijacking.
File verification: supports using md5 to verify file data, ensuring file data intergrity.
Exclusive resources: exclusive resource domain for government and enterprise customers, ensuring stable customer business and not affected by other customers.
Global compliance
IPv6: supports full-link IPv6 services in Mainland China, solves the problem of IPv6 window, and can access Alibaba Cloud DCDN IPv6 solutions at any stage of enterprise IPv6 transformation.
Global compliance: Alibaba Cloud has 97 compliance qualifications, 47 qualifications, including, ISO27001, and PCI DSS etc.
Massive IP blocking: supports millions of IP blocking, whether it is permanent or temporary blocking strategies.
Region blocking: supports traffic blocking based on IP region.
Edge computing closer to users
Edge computing: programs can be written on edge nodes closer to users, and client requests will be automatically scheduled to the nearest edge node for a low-latency computing experience.
Auto scaling: when requests in a region suddenly increases, it will be automatically rscaled to the edge nodes with sufficient computing resources.
Serverless: no need to care about underlying server infrastructure such as CPU, memory, and operating system, just upload code through the console or OpenAPI to complete application deployment, reducing operational costs.
Edge storage EdgeKV: supports writing data on edge storage, which will be automatically synchronized to global edge nodes within a few seconds, allowing ER to quickly read edge storage data.

Best Practices

  • Background: High latency and frequent interruptions affect the quality of online teaching
  • Online education, including whiteboard interactions, online exams, and reviewing academic reports, are interconnected scenarios in a single teaching session, which means ensuring low latency and high availability is a prerequisite for ensuring teaching quality and consistency.
  • Solution: Low latency and high availability for online teaching
  • · API call efficiency: comprehensively reduce the call latency of APIs based on intelligent routing technology
  • · Upload/download acceleration: upload homework files and download learning reports efficiently
  • · Signaling acceleration: accelerate TCP signaling messages in online education
  • · High availability: distributed architecture and full-link monitoring

  • Background: User experience is vital and going global is the trend.
  • According to reports, gaming has become one of the top applications for internet time consumption. Market competition is fierce, which makes user experience vital. At the same time, going global is the trend in gaming, creating challenges in network architecture.
  • Solution: Better experience, higher reliability, global network support.
  • · Experience enhancement: DCDN improve login and registration efficiency, and support TCP/UDP.
  • · Resource package download: Improve the update speed of large files and save costs.
  • · Global coverage: Edge nodes around the world, ready to be used at any time.
  • · High availability: Support multi-origin load balancing and disaster recovery.

  • Background: Sudden traffic spikes in online payments and flash sales scenarios.
  • Speed and content transmission security are important indicators of consumer experience. E-commerce platforms include many online systems such as user registration, login, browsing, and checkout, which includes hybrid dynamic and static content that can cause slow response times and increcase origin server traffic if not handled properly.
  • Solution: DCDN ensures business stability and enhance customer experience during promotions.
  • · Better performance: Improve loading speed, solve multi-network and multi-terminal access restraints between source stations and users.
  • · Elastic bandwidth: Based on intelligent routing networks, DCDN solve traffic surge smoothly.
  • · Reduce traffic to orgin server: DCDN has intelligeng routing strategies, which can offload traffic to origin server effectively.

  • Background: Media industry has sites with diverse content and frequent dynamic updates.
  • Forum,blogs and news websites have diverse content that might be viewed by users at the same time, which will create latency or even crashes, creating greater challenges for website availibility.
  • Solution: DCDN ensures site availability and efficient delivery of interactive content.
  • · Better performance: Improve loading speed, solve multi-network and multi-terminal access restraints between source stations and users.
  • · Flexible routing: Provide domain-based real-time monitoring and intelligent routing.
  • · Hybrid acceleration: Support dynamic content acceleration and static content caching simultaneously.

Compliance Certification

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant edge acceleration services around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • MTCS
  • ISO 27701
  • DPTM

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