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An on-demand database hosting service for SQL Server with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities

As one of the earliest commercial database systems, SQL Server offers excellent performance when handling complex SQL queries, and fully supports applications built on .NET framework.

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ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server Serverless

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SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 SE

High-Availability Edition

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ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

Automatic monitoring and intelligent O&M achieved through CloudDBA.


SQL Server 2022/2019/2017/2016/2012 Web Basic Edition


2C4G, 20 GB ESSD PL1

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30 Days Free


Stability and High Availability
Automatically switches to standby instances when the primary instance fails. Maintained by the top database experts from Alibaba Cloud.
Strict Security Mechanism
The first cloud database system that complies with Grade III Protection of Information Security and supports encryption techniques such as TDE and SSL to prevent data leakage.
Comprehensive Monitoring
Offers multiple performance metrics and custom alarm settings so that you can monitor and understand all your database information dynamically.
High Cost-efficiency
Authorized by the SQL Server Enterprise Edition license. You do not need to pay additional copyright fees.


  • Two Instance Types for You to Choose From

    Provides basic and high availability instances that you can choose based on your needs.

    Basic instances

    The basic instance supports SQL Server 2012 and is half the cost of a high availability instance. This type of instance supports failover, which ensures the smooth running of your service.

    High availability instances

    Each high availability instance consists of a primary instance and a standby instance that are deployed on different servers and automatically synchronize data with each other. When the primary instance is unavailable, the system automatically switches the database connection to the standby instance. The high availability instance currently supports SQL Server 2008 R2/2012SE & EE/2016SE & EE.

  • Multiple Protection Mechanisms and Security Compliance Certification

    ApsaraDB for SQL Server has been certified by and meets the following standards: ISO 20000, SOC, and PCI-DSS.

    Data security prevention

    You can use the IP whitelist to control the requests to your SQL Server instance. You can also implement more advanced network access control through the VPC.

    Data transmission protection

    ApsaraDB for SQL Server supports SSL encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. You can also enable Transparent Data Encryption so that data is automatically encrypted when moved to different disks.

    SQL auditing

    The SQL auditing feature allows you to record all information about the requests to your database. This ensures that all security issues are traceable.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Alarming Service

    Provides automatic monitoring and alarms. Periodic performance inspections can reduce your maintenance workload by 60%.

    System resource monitoring

    Dynamically monitors metrics such as CPU utilization, IOPS, network connections, and disk utilization, and sends alarms based on your settings. This enables you to understand the instance status easily.

    Optimization support

    Offers automatic performance inspections and diagnoses. Allows you to create custom metrics and provides professional advice on SQL optimization in performance diagnostic reports.

  • Data Recovery Within Several Seconds

    You can back up your data at any time, and use these backups to restore the data that was created up to two years ago when data loss occurs.

A Technical Guidebook to ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server is built on SQL Server and comes with a genuine license of SQL Server. ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server provides a complete set of solutions for disaster recovery, backup and restore, monitoring, and migration to eliminate difficulties in maintaining SQL Server databases.

How it works

  • E-commerce Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
E-commerce Applications

E-commerce Applications: High Concurrency and High Performance Scenarios

Provides stable, secure, and high-performance database services

This service is optimized to provide a 100-fold performance improvement in order to support data updates in high concurrency scenarios, such as e-commence sales promotions. In high-security mode, the SQL injection detection module blocks suspicious SQL queries in real time to ensure data security.


  • High Performance

    Provides performance optimization to support data updates in high concurrency scenarios.

  • High Security

    Supports features such as IP whitelists, SQL injection prevention, SSL-encrypted transmission, and TDE.

  • High Availability

    Provides a primary-standby architecture that allows you to switch between instances within several seconds.


Web Applications

Web Applications: Cost-efficient Scenarios

A Ready-to-use Service That Is More Cost-efficient than Other Database Services

Based on Apsara's large-scale distributed computing and storage capabilities, the service provides basic instances that are cost-efficient and support horizontal scaling. These instances can meet the business needs of multiple types of websites.


  • Lower Costs

    The basic instance offers almost the same performance as high availability instances at lower costs.

  • Flexible Permissions

    The basic instance supports more flexible permission settings.

  • Multiple Access Types

    ApsaraDB for SQL Server provides native support for VPC networks. The service also allows simultaneous access from public and internal networks. You can switch between the classic network and VPC network easily. This eliminates network silos and speeds up data transmission.

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Healthcare Applications

Healthcare Applications: High Availability and High Security Scenarios

High Availability and High Security Cloud Databases

Based on Apsara's large-scale distributed computing and storage capabilities, ApsaraDB for SQL Server provides basic instances that are cost-efficient and support horizontal scaling and read-write splitting. These instances can meet the business needs of multiple types of websites.


  • High Availability

    Provides a primary-standby architecture that allows you to switch between instances within several seconds. This ensures the high availability of the sevice.

  • High Security

    Supports features such as IP whitelists, SQL injection prevention, SSL-encrypted transmission, and TDE.

  • Dedicated Instances

    Provides dedicated vCPU, memory, IOPS, and I/O resources. Instances are isolated from each other to provide high stability.

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Rely on Alibaba Cloud's Worldwide Data Centers

Alibaba Cloud has 89 zones strategically located across 30 regions in the world, providing reliable computing support for billions of customers.

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    CDN Nodes Globally
  • 89

    Availability Zones


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Terms & Conditions

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Instance specifications and terms are as follows:

1. ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server
a. All Enterprise Editions are available including 2016 EE, 2012 EE and 2008 R2 Cloud Disk Edition
b. High-availability versions with any kind of compute and storage resources
c. Duration no more than 1 year but at least 1 month per order
d. No limitation of instance count for each of your new purchase


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* If you violate any of the offer terms, the offer will be made invalid.

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