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Tablestore - TimeSeries Model Available for Commercial Use

May 26 2022

The TimeSeries model of Tablestore is available for commercial use. The TimeSeries model is designed based on the characteristics of time series data. This model is suitable for scenarios such as IoT device monitoring and can be used to store the data that is collected by devices and the monitoring data of machines.

Target customers: customers that require the management of time series data in scenarios such as IoT and IoV scenarios. Features released: 1. Provides a flexible and easy-to-use modeling method for time series data. This way, you do not need to predefine table schemas. You can use the TimeSeries model in single-value mode or multi-value mode based on your business requirements. 2. Allows you to execute SQL statements or call API operations to query data. You can use various query methods such as aggregation to meet your business requirements in different scenarios. 3. Supports easy-to-use metadata query and retrieval. The system can automatically create a metadata index to retrieve time series based on composite conditions. This way, you can query time series metadata in an efficient manner. 4. Integrates the Serverless technology to help reduce costs. The TimeSeries model supports automatic scale-out of service capabilities and high-concurrency write operations that do not incur additional O&M costs. The TimeSeries model can be used to store time series data based on high compression ratios and large volumes of time series data at low costs for a long period of time.

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