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Elasticsearch - Supports Self-service Unsubscription

Feb 01 2021

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides the self-service unsubscription feature. This feature allows you to perform an unsubscription for your Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster on the Refund page in the Alibaba Cloud Management Console.

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides three unsubscription types: unsubscription within five days of purchase, unsubscription after five days of purchase, and unsubscription of pending renewal orders. If you want to perform an unsubscription, you do not need to submit a ticket to apply for the unsubscription. You can log on to the Alibaba Cloud Management Console and choose Expenses > Orders in the top navigation bar. In the left-side navigation pane of the page that appears, click the drop-down arrow below Renew and select Refund. On the Refund page, you can perform the unsubscription.

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