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Apsara File Storage NAS - Supports Recycle Bin

General-purpose NAS file systems now support the recycle bin feature. You can use the recycle bin feature to protect your data without the need to change your business systems.

Target customers: users of key business systems, R&D systems, and testing systems in industries such as IT, finance, new retail, online education, and large-scale manufacturing. These users need to protect business data from being unexpectedly deleted to prevent production incidents. Features released: The recycle bin feature provided by Apsara File Storage NAS has the following benefits: 1.Lightweight, real-time, and application-level protection: If you enable the recycle bin feature for a file system, NAS retains a copy of a file in the recycle bin each time the file is replaced or deleted. You can use the NAS console and call API operations to query and restore a specified file to the original path or a specified path. 2.Flexible configuration policies: You can set an automatic deletion period of one day and a maximum to 180 days for the recycle bin of a NAS file system. This way, you can ensure data security with minimal costs. You can also manually delete files from the recycle bin. 3.Simple data restoration: You can restore the files and directories in the recycle bin of a NAS file system by using the NAS console and calling API operations. You can restore all files or specified files from the directory tree. You can restore files to the original path or a new path. The restored files are immediately visible in the file system. You can read data from and write data to the restored files. However, NAS requires some time to defragment the restored files. Therefore, the read/write performance of the restored files may be compromised before it fully recovers. 4.High cost-effectiveness: You are billed for the storage of files in the recycle bin based on the billing method of the original files. If you restore the files, no additional fees are incurred.

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